Militarized Police Raid Training DeKalb Illinois

Published on Mar 2, 2015 by Ryan Scott

If you’re wondering how your tax payer dollars are being spent in DeKalb Illinois, wonder no further. Up to 25 officers were training in condemned houses today on Pearl street. Most of the officers were in tactical gear carrying battering rams, blast shields etc. What was once the sleepy town of DeKalb is no longer sleepy. In this video, you can clearly hear an officer caution me to move away from the training location because they were using live flash-bangs. The training was being conducted in a residential area, with occupied houses residing directly next door to the “training” houses. This is the police state. #‎CopBlock #‎FilmThePolice #‎PoliceStateAmerica

Sgt. Ryan Pettengell DeKalb County Sheriff

6 thoughts on “Militarized Police Raid Training DeKalb Illinois

  1. Fight them in court now or on the battlefield shortly. Quit being a source of revenue. No reason a bill can’t be introduced making cops check if your under corporate law and their Jurisdiction. No reason Prosecutors, congress, Judges and the like can’t wear camera’s like the cops do now. Treat them like public servants instead of our masters. I’m fighting a no DL in court now and actually enjoying myself and the whole process. It’s funny to see them bluff and I actually had the prosecutor yelling at me because I considered him my enemy and it would be foolish to tell your enemy your strategy. Where is his victim? Who is his witness? They’re used to people just giving up but I question every stupid little thing and I don’t act like I’ve seen a million episodes of Judge Judy so don’t expect me to act a certain way. I call lawyers liars and boss them around like we all should be doing. They invite me to the circus I’m going as a clown. Like I said, fight them now in court or later on the battlefield.

    1. More power to you in their courts. They will get none of my time, blood, sweat or tears. It will take more than one person to win this battle. You may win this no DL, yet you will remain in the same position unless you get your entire county, armed, to walk in that court room, and put the fear of God in these traitors

  2. Dekalb is a small farm town 65 miles from Chicago. Why they have a SWAT team is beyond the pale.

  3. “These are all houses that are going to be destroyed for development….”

    Those houses do not look bad at all. In fact, I’ve seen many that look just like that which needed some work and updating but were quite serviceable. I wonder how the local communists got homeowners to agree to the condemnation and confiscation of their property, especially after the homeowners’ hard work, money, loans, interest, tax payments and upkeep have gone down the tubes, or rather into the pockets of the local satan masons and jews.

    Not for nothing were those stasi in military uniforms wearing balaclavas to hide their faces as they aid the treasonous POSs who have stolen my country.

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