Militarized SWAT Forcefully Evict Elderly Woman From Foreclosed Home

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Fail to pay your mortgage due to the collapsed economy? SWAT members may show up wearing full military gear in order to forcefully evict you from your home at the direction of international banking cartels.

There have been numerous instances of this, but one that was really ignored for the most part happened back in November of last year as reported on by AOL Real Estate in a piece that has virtually zero views. Because apparently militarized SWAT troopers removing an elderly woman from her home because she couldn’t keep up with paying the mega banks that are bloated with $83 billion per year in taxpayer funding  is now the role of the ‘debt force’ SWAT team.  

And instead of sending in some local officers to escort the 63-year-old woman from her home in Idaho Springs, Colorado, the SWAT team was apparently afraid of some of the elderly woman’s supporters who came to protect her home. As it turns out, one of the protesters apparently had a concealed carry at the scene, which sent the SWAT into a furious outrage that led with the troopers pointing assault rifles at 12 protests who were outside of the home.

Because law-abiding citizens with concealed carry licenses are the real threat, despite the fact that we know citizens are preventing over 900,000 crimes that could have turned bloody thanks to handguns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Surely the SWAT team with full military gear, assault rifles, and bulletproof armor was deathly afraid of the protester who had a concealed carry. According to the AOL report:

“…one of the two dozen protesters there had a concealed handgun. The officers reportedly showed up to the scene pointing assault rifles at the protesters.”

And the protesters revealed just how seriously of a threat they determined the 63-year-old woman and 12 protesters trying to save her home to be. The protesters reported:

“About 10 vehicles filled with men in what appeared to be full battle gear (and assault weapons already in hand) began to fill the road in front of the house.”

It’s truly amazing, but we’ve actually seen worse. In the past, SWAT teams have gassed homes to get rid of homeowners who have been foreclosed on, earning them the title of ‘debt enforcers’ who target homeowners with military-style tactics. And the home they gassed housed toddles aged 2 and 3, who were then confiscated by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Of course all of this is buried in the AOL Real Estate section that is all about housing finance and market conditions, never to be seen in the top stories or even perhaps a featured article. Articles like these are why I dig through the news and find these hidden gems that are thrown in the back of niche sections and brushed off by mainstream news. What it comes down to is that if we sit around and ignore other citizens being assaulted by the system, we will be next.

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11 thoughts on “Militarized SWAT Forcefully Evict Elderly Woman From Foreclosed Home

  1. If this were happening anywhere else in the world, and America was anything like it used to be, such incidents would be trumpeted as acts of Godless tyranny meriting the country’s condemnation, if not preparation for war against such enemies.

    Having accepted the projection of tyrannical tactics into Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, South America, et. al. America is now harvesting the bounty of its tolerance for the intolerable as these tactics come home to roost.

    Early on, I perceived these interventions as research, development, and training for the ultimate target, America itelf.

  2. The Evil Elitist Goon Squads need to get practice ahead of the time when Marshall Law is declared by some fabricated act spurred on by the Federal Reserve/European Central Bank or in todays world, the New World Order…..We are being rapidly squashed by greed, lies & subversive acts, it must stop or we are all doomed! I will continue to expose & fight for Liberty, Justice & Freedom

    1. I usually let errors go and say nothing but in this case I see this too frequently to let it go. Martial Law folks its not the guys name Marshall.

  3. I took note of something in this story that you don’t usually see, that people actually stood alongside this old lady, ready to resist.

    Back here in the 1980’s, the striking miners defeated Thatcher with flying pickets which saw an act of parliament outlaw them, whenever the police looked likely to wade in and seize picketmen, the flying pickets would descend on the line and make it impossible for the police to take them on, the few times the police did try they came out of it looking bad publicly and miners do tend to be big and burly chaps, most times the police got a kicking as well.

    The reason the banks can operate in this way is because invariably, their targets have no one to protect them, if there were such a “flying picket” locally who would turn up, with the cameras rolling and the press in attendance, do you really think the police are going to go in and drag out some old pensioner without causing themselves probably terminal PR? It might also teach the police to speak before violence as they need to be taught respect for the people, that policing is by consent and the people do not consent to being shot up, beaten up, stitched up, lied about, lied to by agents of the law.

    Where in the law does it say “You must obey without question a police officer”? If a police officer is acting illegally, criminally then it is a legal duty to resist that officer surely?

  4. When the second American revolution comes, you won’t see a suit and tie worn anywhere in the country.

  5. Unfortunately this is happening across the globe, the men in blue are just doing what there told its just a job its not there fault, but there has to be a time or there will be a time in the near future that even the men in blue will have to reconsider what side there on. in the EU ITS NOT MUCH BETTER EITHER. ALL WE CAN DO IS STEP BACK RE-ORGANISE AND STOP PUTING MONEY BANKS AND BIG NAME BRANDS STOP BUYING COLA, MCDONALS,NIKY ETC ETC THEN THAT MY FRIENDS IS THE FIRST WAVE OF ATTACK THE MORE VIOLENT YOU GET THE MORE OIL YOU PUT IN THE FIRE AS THE GREEK SAYING GOES.


    1. “……the men in blue are just doing what there told its just a job its not there fault…..”

      Not their fault?

      They know the difference between right and wrong, just like everybody else. “Just following orders” won’t fly here. Once the SHTF, they’ll be hunted down and shot on sight, just as any rabid dog would be.

    2. Hey unknown, the men in blue know exactly what they are doing and they are doing it because they know they will get away screwing the people. There is no excuses for them cops at all, not one, and they are not doing their job acting how they act.

  6. There are precise records of all who authorized, ordered and participated. They should pray each night that a ‘regime change’ does not occur in America at some later date in which they will be held accountable under newly formed laws and penalties for past offenses.

    It was just this arrogant short-sightedness and over confidence in France’s King Louis power and administration that had tens of thousands of officials and elites wait passively as they were rounded up and beheaded by ‘Madame Guillotine’ during the Revolution. Most for the slightest offense against the citizenry.

  7. If that police response ISN’T a STANDING ARMY, what is? They show up in MILITARY gear, carrying MILITARY type weapons, using MILITARY tactics.
    The constitution forbids a standing army! These CORPORATE EMPLOYEES ARE AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL STANDING ARMY!

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