Military Drill has went Live in New Zealand

Published on Aug 15, 2013 by ekennye

NZDF hosts multinational planning exercise…
Christchurch quake used as case study for global military…
Very Strong shallow earthquake / aftershock near Seddon, South Island, New Zealand — Wellington shaken also-Scroll down this link to see damage…
Send all your Love , Prayers Blessings to New Zealand Remember we are all connected and this is not a game for the people living through this
Peace Love and Truth I love you All Linda and PLEASE remix or share this

5 thoughts on “Military Drill has went Live in New Zealand

  1. Yea, those quakes were probobly HAARP generated, hate to say it. Good post Cathleen, nothin` like some good native local reporting.

    1. Thanks Digger. I can’t take all the credit. I never would have known about this if it weren’t for my friend up in Idaho who is keeping tabs on this. He sent me an email this morning.

      Dutchsinse had something posted about this, but for the 2nd time now his YouTube channel was terminated by YouTube. So he opened up a new one called DutchsinseReloaded, but so far there isn’t much up there.

      . . .

      1. Yes Cathleen, but you did post a good post kiddo 🙂 so there ya go there Cathleen. You posted it so thanks for the post 🙂 . DutchsinseReloaded sounds interesting Cathleen 🙂

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