9 thoughts on “Military jamming GPS SIGNAL, AHEAD OF VIRGINIA RALLY

  1. This guy needs to wake the hell up! Of course the trenches gives correct info. He’s going to have to be a hell of a lot tougher than that! He’s a weak act now, that’s for damn sure..

    Hate to say it, but he needs to saddle up! Jesus, I hope this isn’t the best Virginia can do.. where the hell is everybody?

    This shit goes down tomorrow goddamnit!

      1. He says he can’t confirm everything? WTF? Not exactly leadership material is he? Too much Barney Fife cookies and milk.. Probably carry’s one bullet..

        1. He ain’t in Kansas or Mayberry and I hope for everyone’s sake, except the enemy, and I hope he realizes soon they would literally murder him and his family. I think he thinks they are playing by “the rules”. Wakey wakey. Your weapons and your body armor have a purpose and it ain’t fashion.

  2. Ever see the movie Zardoz?

    We need to lead young men like this to the truth, he is here, he has been brought here, let us show him the truth.. he is young and still duped by those around him…

    He referenced FTT in his channel and now other will come here.

    We are awake, some of us were not awake to what we understand now and thanks to Henry clarifying things in a tough love fashion many of us have arrived.

    I know it’s late in the day, but let us never stop awakening those whom will be with us in this blood battle against the real enemies..!

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