2 thoughts on “Military trucks in Cleveland Ohio for riots or zombies

  1. There could be just a simple explanation for the movement of all the military hardware, they’re either moving it for storage, or their getting ready to lead us all to the edge of the ditch. Too much stuff seen shuffling around to brush it off as “everything’s normal” so what plans do they have in store for us? My guess is or loving and benevolent government could turn on a dime and obliterate us all. Zionists have complete control of our government and if we can’t remove these Dual-Citizen Israeli sons of bitches from our seats of power, we all are doomed. What more proof do we need? Do we have to catch them in the act or can years of sworn testimony be enough. How long are we going to stand by and let these sons of bitches have their way? I’m tired of it and I ain’t got a whole bunch of time to sit, waiting and twittling my thumbs, while the world goes to hell in a hand basket deliver by these jew boys. Damn, can we just engage the enemy and be done with it? Locked and loaded, just about exploded.

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