9 thoughts on “Military Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order

    1. Actually having a house can be a detriment, some will be stuck there thinking they can defend it , just to end up dead on their own front yard

      Those that have the means ability and skills to live on the move might fair a better chance
      Especially if they know how to keep their eyes and ears open to what’s going on around them

  1. OMG!!!
    What do you want for nothing…
    A rubber biscuit?
    Bow bow bow.
    BTW, all armies sent out foraging parties for food and supplies in ancient times.
    Ain’t nothing changed.

  2. Not to discredit this guy or nothin
    But don’t we hear shit like this almost yearly ? And sometimes more than once in a year
    None of it means shit , until the cork pops
    “Keeping ones house in order” is the dumbest open ended statement I’ve heard in my life , especially when there’s zero directive of what they think we should be preparing for
    When the shit hits the fan , there won’t be any warning for us

  3. Their house is the house of the enemy as far as I am concerned. They have willingly served the enemy with pride and expect hero status. They’re just not happy with the face that is currently seated in the office. Give em the orange flavored kool-aid and wrap it in a flag and they’ll proudly kick in anyone’s door and kill them, including US.

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