Militia killing the “BORG” myth with numbers

Uploaded on Feb 25, 2009 by Libertytreeradio

This is an evaluation of overall firearms and ammunition purchases based on low end numbers per soviet socialist instacheck data base. The numbers presented are only PART of the overall numbers of arms and ammunition that have been sold. The actual numbers are much higher.

4 thoughts on “Militia killing the “BORG” myth with numbers

  1. Its no wonder those fruitcakes want to spy on us so bad! Numbers like that, they should be just a little paranoid. Good post!

  2. There’s one key word missing, “BALLS!” Now, let’s see how many are willing to organize, strap one on & start marching to reclaim our Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness????? Continue to Fight on——-

    1. There isn’t necessarily strength in numbers. TPTB have greater fear of lone wolves who work alone, and are off the DHS Fusion Centers’ radar, especially if these individuals aren’t directly tied to any factional militia or group of dissent. Have faith in yourself to act alone because it only takes one Benedict Arnold, or captured/tortured member, to seal the fate of an entire group.

      Some people may say that it is good to be accompanied with someone ‘armed’ watching your back; however, many will reject this presumption… like Army Ranger Pat Tillman for example.

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