Millennials Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism

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WEB Notes: True story. I once worked with a gentleman (older man) who happened to lean to the left. During conversations, I just could never get him to understand it is not right to take from my pocket and give to someone else…

So one day I told him,

“Hey Mr. Noname.”

Mr. Noname: Yeah!

Me: I ran out of vacation time and I talked to our supervisor and he said you could give me yours since I used mine already.

Mr. Noname: No, no I am not going to do that!

Me: Ahh come on why not. I used mine and I need more and you have it, so assigned it over please, you do not need it anyway.

Mr. Noname: No, way! It is mine and I earned it!

Well, we all got a big laugh out of that one and I really had my own vacation time. It was just to prove the point and Mr. Noname laughed right along with us.

Millennials Opt For Socialism Over Capitalism

Given the choice, most Americans would opt for a capitalist country. However, one third would prefer to live in a socialist nation. Millennials are the leading force behind this preference with more than four in ten opting for socialism.

Source: YouGov

World Events and the Bible

8 thoughts on “Millennials Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism

  1. They sure do.

    I had a dummy tell me the other day she was a communist and making mo ey from hard work was the world problem.

    Then she got mad and said im so smart I’m an asshole.

    All i said was the government are just humans enforcing a piece of paper called the government that was sitting in a filing cabinet. And that money is a barter system(she thinks barter is the best way) i said she trades worthless paper for goods and services and other morons except it. In fact most of them hinge their lifes on getting as much of it as possible.

    I am an asshole but i dont think that water head 20something can spell a majority of the words in this message.
    Good she got off the meth but the fluoride treatments her parents gave her are a forgone result of failed genetics mixed with retardation.

    She said everyone should be forced to contribute(another word she cant spell) to their community or f@ck them. I asked if she wanted to send a postcard to them sayijg f@ck you. Later she said those people unwilling to work for free should be killed. She just started her first job she has held for ponger than 30days.
    Oh the irony. An irony lost on her water head!

    1. Great spelling and grammar “ED”. Nice of you to throw a blanket statement whilst your suposivly preaching the virtues of your independence. You don’t use currency ? You don’t use roads ? Oh I forgot your of the generation that created this shithole of gubmint handouts. Pull your head out of your ass.

      1. “…Oh I forgot your of the generation…”

        well if we’re attacking people’s spelling and grammar now, that would be “YOU’RE of the generation”

      2. This tablet likes to omit letters and respell words or just add spaces. Thanks for noticing.
        By the way dick eater. If you can find anyone who has cast out the monetary and control systems more than i have good for you. Im only back in the system due to the fact that even the people who claim they want to fix this country are scared and unable to spine up and do something. Eventually i became the only one i know who rejected every aspect of your system. As far as being the of the generation type… I’ve been fighting a vast majority of my adult life. I’ve lived without residence. I’ve live without currency. I’ve lived without your worthless ever encroaching roads.
        Further more. If you could agree with any thing that came out of this stupid commies mouth why are you on the trenches? The reason she spoke to me is because im not much older than her.

  2. well, i think we already live in a socialist country to a great extent.

    not a great fan of most political movements as they tend to reduce personal freedom.

  3. What the fcuk is this ? Every “millennial” is a socialist. This blanket statements are just as fcuking ignorant as the people that agree with it. Do your own research, treat people on their own merits and not blanket statements made by sole hack that calls themselves a journalist.

    1. Sounds like you identify as a millennial. And are saddened that a vast majority of your peers do in fact identify as socialists.
      Dont fret. Most of the socialists i know claim to be republicans but their social security checks and food stamps and heating assistance and federal pension checks and tax payment histories and ‘follow the rules and keep their heads down’ mentalities show me otherwise.
      Plus many of the people i mentioned raised the ilk you grew up with. So they are poor examples of parents too.

      Btw, i didn’t use a big i. Sorry for my obvious lack of intelligence.

  4. The “millennials” have been thoroughly brainwashed by their colleges, and a few years of adulthood will probably snap them back closer to reality.

    They’re too young to have an informed opinion, but they’ve been told that they “know everything” now that they have their worthless degree.

    I think they can be ignored just like the high school kids, because the coming economic reality and hardship will put a deep dent in their ideology and illusions.

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