Millionaire with many homes calls for you to make sacrifices to save the planet

RT – by John Ransom

Energy prices in the US are set to rise by over 50% this winter, yet Joe Biden wants to cut supplies still further, while Barack Obama advocates that ordinary people should change their lifestyles and become poorer (and colder).

As the US faces the likelihood that the country’s heating costs this winter could be the highest on record thanks to energy price inflation that according to the government could reach 54%, President Biden is recommending a truly Democrat remedy: He wants to cut the amount of energy available to the country, making prices go higher still.

“The Biden administration is considering shutting down a Michigan oil pipeline in another push to get the US away from fossil fuels, despite warnings from Republican lawmakers who believe the move would result in fuel price shocks throughout the Midwest,” reported the Daily Mail.

To come up with this remedy, President Joe jetted off to Scotland last week with his fellow Americo-European liberal elites in fossil-fuel-powered jet planes to plot how the rest of us will make the sacrifices necessary so they can continue to make our life better via another, interminable Climate Change Conference, COP26.

After presumably munching on woodland mushroom pizza, Scottish fish and chips, or sustainable ramen, that’s the genius solution Biden came up with.

You get less, while the Americo-European liberal elites get more.

Maybe we should be grateful that Joe didn’t just raise our taxes… again.

But don’t worry, because Biden brought former president Obama along to Scotland to let us all know that they aren’t done with the sacrifices they’ll ask us to make in order that they can make our lives better.

“All of us have a part to play. All of us have work to do. All of us have sacrifices to make,” Obama promised. “But those of us who live in wealthy nations, those of us who helped to precipitate the problem… we have an added burden.”

And when he says “we,” what he really means is “you.”

And when he says “burden,” he also means “you.” As in you will bear the many burdens.

Because whatever else the Americo-European liberal elite require as they guide the world from crisis to crisis, they don’t mean to change their own lives, unless it’s for the better.

“The great man announced he is prepared to make great sacrifices for the planet… let’s not forget his holiday home in Hawaii, which will be built on the site used for the 1980s TV show Magnum P.I.,” said Sky News host Rita Panahi of Obama’s call for sacrifice.

“Because, you know, climate emergency… what a hypocrite.”

The same hypocrite refused to cancel his party at his other estate on Martha’s Vineyard as he celebrated his 60th birthday while his fellow Democrats called for universal lockdowns because of Covid-19.

Obama couldn’t cancel it because it wasn’t really a birthday party, but a fundraiser held exclusively for the various Obama foundations that allow him to organize and fund his activities, including a $485 million down payment on his estimated $700 million Chicago headquarters to be built via anonymous donations near his other, other estate.

That’s three estates, for those counting the many sacrifices made by the former president.

But still, the current president wasn’t done shoring up his argument for how bad your life must get in order for him to save the world, SuperBiden-style.

He also dispatched Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on a TV charm offensive in America to win over more support for Ol’ Joe’s energy policies.

Appearing on Bloomberg, host Tom Keene asked the politician what her plan was to bring down gas prices at the pump for ordinary Americans: “What is the Granholm plan to increase oil production in America?”

In response, Granholm laughed. And laughed. And laughed again.

Granholm laughed until it was painful to watch. Talking about sacrifice, she sacrificed a lot of her dignity and almost all of her self-respect in that TV appearance.

But that’s probably not the sacrifice Obama was talking about.

“That is hilarious,” Granholm, who is in charge of energy policy for the biggest energy producer and user in the world, finally answered. “Would that I had the magic wand on this.”

According to data by the Energy Information Agency, Americans are paying $144 million more PER DAY for gasoline under Biden than they did under Trump, despite using less gasoline.

No need for an energy secretary with a magic wand on that, but we do need one with a policy that evokes something besides tears and laughter.

But wait. Her work wasn’t done yet.

Appearing on CNN later, Granholm was asked what the administration was going to do about impending winter heating demand to increase gas available to heat homes and businesses.

Her answer was literally “Nothing.”

“This is going to happen,” Granholm told CNN’s Dana Bash about rising heating prices. “It will be…,” Granholm hesitated, before adding, “it will be more expensive this year than last year.”

Looking back in retrospect, Granholm’s answer seems a lot more reasonable than it did at the time.

Perhaps she knew even then that Biden’s solution – shutting down another oil pipeline – was worse. That is even worse than doing nothing to solve the winter’s energy crisis, Uncle Joe would do less than nothing and would actually make the problem worse.

It’s chilling, in all senses.

So feeling better yet, and ready for more sacrifices?

Hope so, because the elites aren’t done asking for them, many of which will likely make you feel worse. And colder. And poorer.

It will be a long, dark winter.

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  1. I do so enjoy reading about the antics of self-righteous pricks as they lord over us little people. Hahahahah! I seem to recall all the great cult leaders in the U.S. back in the 80’s received gifts of Rolls Royce cars. We should revive that. Lets buy barry & creepy joe a pair of solid gold turd bookends…..

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