Millions Of Cars Are Rotting In The Open Air!

Published on Feb 17, 2019

Things and places abandoned by humans have a special charm. Most people, at least once in a lifetime, would like to enter a house where no one has lived for a long time or take a walk in an abandoned amusement park. It’s creepy, of course, like a horror movie, but it’s very interesting! That’s why today we offer you to visit graveyards of forgotten objects.

8 thoughts on “Millions Of Cars Are Rotting In The Open Air!

  1. I see this when I drive though Lou ky ford rent space from the fair grounds and pick them in , at the same time I would like a new f 350 but the cost is to great for me

  2. A derivatives nightmare, believe me, these cars have been borrowed against by some scumbag who has a crooked banker in his pocket, padding his books to look like gold when in reality it’s all bullshit. This is how scumbags become rich and you and I end up taking it in the ass.

    On paper these cars look like they have somehow been sold. This shit has been all planned out, and all they do is sit. If by some miracle they are sold, the poor slob buying them pays again, even though they have already been borrowed against by some asswipe hedge fund manager.

    A racket to beat all rackets . They just add the cost involved to the national debt, and the workers who build these cars get their paychecks and their pensions.

    1. Quite an insightful perspective, Mark. I just never thought of that. Thank you. I knew about their aims to have us indebted, but had no idea how the car thing played in. What a disaster!! And on so many levels. Even mother earth has to take a hit with this one. Bastards!!


      1. They over build just to play these games, general motors, Toyota and the rest do this to camo what’s really happening. It’s an artificial economy tool.

        They do this shit with gold mines, they borrow against the gold before it’s even dug up.

    2. Yep Mark , You see it the same way I do, this crap has been going on for years…Glad to know im not alone in my view of this

      1. Yeah EOTS,

        if anybody thinks all this waste is not corrupt , they are ignorant of how crime works. A guide to how they play with the fake economy numbers. When you hear FOX news start to “analize” the economy numbers, and how good they always sound, this is how they do it..

        They do it with everything, gold, housing, apartments, cars, airplanes, boats. It’s all bullshit. They lie about everything. No way in hell is the economy any good. When you hear about 100 million dollar mansion in Hollywood for sale, it’s because of fake input from conmen. The people who buy them are part of a syndicate, praying for a quit flip, always bought by loaned money from fake ass numbers.

        Trump has been doing this shit for years, the SOB is cash poor but lives off huge loans given to him by inflated information. He just files for bankrupcy when he’s short. A true conman who would make any Las Vegas magician blush. The SOB just borrows off all and any equity possible, runs it down, then bails when he has too. His big properties in Florida like Maralago etc. Is only because of huge tax breaks, fake ass input from loan applications, fake corporations etc. And loans from foreign countries I.E bribes, facilitated by corrupt bankers.

        All improprieties just gets added to the national debt.

        Most billionaires are basically crooks, one inch disaster.

        1. One inch from disaster, and could care less. The get away with it like a WWF wresting match on a Sunday afternoon.

  3. Can’t grasp why they don’t auction them off. Way too late for most, but when the model year is over, have an auction and get rid of the old inventory. You know there is not tax dollars collected on any of it, probably even grace for the property tax, because auto makers are a protected species of corporation.

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