Millions of Gmail accounts hacked, was yours one of them?


Time to change your password again. A database containing nearly 5 million Gmail user accounts and passwords was leaked on Bitcoin Security, a popular Russian website devoted to the cryptocurrency.

The text file was published on Tuesday night by user tvskit, according to CNews, the Russian news outlet that first broke the story. The leaker claimed that the majority of the accounts belong to users who speak English, Russian, or Spanish, and that approximately 60 percent are active. The passwords not only give access to Gmail, but a slew of other Google services such as Drive and the mobile payment system Google Wallet.  

Svetlana Anurova, a Google representative, told CNews that the tech giant is aware of the breach and encouraged users to select a stronger password and enable two-step verification, a security measure where users are required to provide a passcode sent to their mobile devices before any changes can be made to their account.

The Gmail leak comes on the heels of two other major security breaches leaked on the same Bitcoin forum, which targeted Russian email service prodiver and search engine Yandex. Those two breaches affected nearly 6 million Internet users.

Find out if your account was compromised

You can verify whether your account was affected by clicking here and entering your gmail address. It’s that simple. You can also enable Google’s 2-step verification by following the company’s easy steps.


2 thoughts on “Millions of Gmail accounts hacked, was yours one of them?

  1. We have retail stores with their debit/credit machines getting hacked and now we have emails and bank accounts getting hacked. I think it’s time to ditch the idea of digital currency and digital privacy.

    However, instead of getting rid of it all like they should, these Communist turds feel this is the reason for MORE digital security. As always, with them it’s MOVE FORWARD even though everything is falling apart at their feet!! Insanity abounds!

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