Millions Of Native Americans Exempt From Obamacare Individual Mandate – America’s Newsroom

Published on Aug 22, 2013 by Mass Tea Party

Millions Of Native Americans Exempt From Obamacare Individual Mandate – America’s Newsroom

23 thoughts on “Millions Of Native Americans Exempt From Obamacare Individual Mandate – America’s Newsroom

    1. You are goddamn right. If we all refuse, then we will see if they are prepared to kill and die to enforce it.

  1. That would be right. When they are on the Nation or live there. That is there Country. And they are under there laws. And what medical they have in there treaty with our Nation. They are only Americans of the Nation. It has been that way for over 150 years now. So yes they would be.

    1. No, that would NOT be right!
      By the highest law in this land, the people’s Bill of Rights, within the sovereign nation of the united States of the Americas, all American nationals, the natural born of this land, must be absolutely equal in rights. Otherwise the one with superior rights nullifies the unalienable and absolute rights of those considered to be of a lesser right.
      What the Indians have in this instance should belong to every American national. You cannot have two nations, two governments, and two sets of law existing within one sovereign country.
      How f#@king stupid do you think we are?

    2. You’re not using your brain. Exempting on race, color or creed is discrimination pure & simple. Using your line of thinking, we may as well segregate into those that have blue eyes & those that don’t. One set of laws will apply for one group, a different set of laws for the other.

      If you have not figured it out, this Obama Care isn’t worth a pinch of sh!t & having to make exemptions before it has even kicked in is a definite sign is a f^cked law. The Monkey King coming out with exemptions almost weekly is another sign it’s flawed. Note that the exemptions are along economic & racial lines. ANOTHER example of how this Monkey King is INTENTIONALLY dividing this Nation.

      Want to stop this? Tell the bastards to go piss up a rope. There’s no game if there are no players. When 20% of this Nation’s people tell them WE AIN”T GOING TO DO IT ANYMORE & back it up, not giving an inch, then change will happen. Some of us will have to hold the line; we’ll most likely die. No compromise & no exemptions. I pity fools like you, James; you’ve bought into their bullsh!t. Hide in your bunker & hope they pass you by.

  2. So this means that all of us born here (natives) have an exemption! sounds good to me..let the non-native illegals buy into this OBULLSHIT.

    1. I like your train of thought! My caucasian lineage in North America goes back to 1648, I think I qualify! Most Indians I have met and know hate the PC “native american” moniker also.
      Kinda reminds me of an album by Russel Means, Electric Indian.

  3. Just for the sake of clarity, it wasn’t me who posted a stupid ass comment such as the idiot above. Although I have plans to get my family to a safe house. I’m planning to pack a bag, put on some war paint, and start kicking some ass. If i dont do it, then who will? I dont expect anyone to do me any favors nor expect anyone to do my dirty work. I’ll not go out like a thief in the night. I want to look my girls in the face and tell them I fought for the biggest threat that ever came against this great country. . Not that I ran like an fing coward.

    I may not be a scholar, but please dont confuse me with that bullshit way of thinking as to what was posted above. I feel home on this site, like minded people fightig for a cause if what’s just and what’s right. Some of the truest people that have the same objectives as I do. To take this country back.

    I’m going to start posting as James Kelley. That way it’s not confused with posers like the one above.

    Relating this post to the article, universal healthcare is just another way to divide up race. When one color, race, sex, ect is singled out for an exemption from “law” that is the masterwork of a dictatorship. Anyone who buys into the idea of that has got it coming to them. The ones to exempt will be the same panel to decide your fate in need of health care. So far, its not even been made law and look at the favoritism with exemptions. What’s left for my family, a board meeting to decide the fate of healthcare. F that! And another note, be certain this panel of judges will be hand selected from Obama himself. Yeah, I believe in that assholes creation determining what’s best for me.

    James now posting as James Kelley.

          1. Your right rhums, but if I have to stay in the doghouse, I’m coming to your house and expect you to share that same shit you shared with Henry’s dog.

          2. Come on Rhums, that dog might have been cowardly, but he wasn’t stupid. In fact, he got enough of your cigarettes and ganja.

          3. 13 hour at the still factors in my defense.
            just sayin.
            But if he can talk, it’s not been around me. I could talk myself blue and all he does is look at me.

          4. Of course a dog can’t talk. And I suppose sign language is a little difficult to interpret if you are not paying particular attention to the paws. Or maybe you just don’t know sign language.

          5. That explains a lot. I thought he was begging every time he sat on his haunches waving his paws around. No, I don’t know sign language.

            Now I’m wondering what that ingrate was trying to tell me.

    1. Thank you for the clarification. Didn’t appear like the James style I know from previous posts under that name.

      1. No worries, I saw someone else posting under that name and knew it was a matter of time for that to happen.

        I hope we all get the chance to one day get together and have a beer along with some of rhums goodies. But first we have a job to do.

  4. I got a funny feeling before all this is over with when ObamaCare comes into force next year only single white Christian Gentile middle class men will be forced to buy it…Obama will exempt the following: Jews because of the Holocaust and the law is “anti-Semitic”; Muslims because they are mostly either Arabic descent (political correctness dictates it) or black…all blacks will be exempted for one reason or another, even well off middle class blacks, even conservative blacks (because they’re black), and same for Hispanics…Asians too (to overcompensate for what we did to Japan with Hiroshima and Nagasaki…and now we’re getting it back from Fukushima…isn’t karma a bee-otch!)…and oh yeah, women, even white ones, and kids. And gays and transgenders, regardless of race. Which will force white Christian Gentile men to either convert to Islam or Judaism or Buddhism or whatever, become gay or transgender, or go bonkers trying to prove they have native American blood in them…(or black or Hispanic or Asian…)

    I’d love it if every American just said “no” to ObamaCare but you know that’ll never happen…too many Americans, unfortunately, live the something for nothing lifestyle and can’t wait to get “free” health care on the back of middle class Americans of all races and religions. And you know the one from the cowardly sheep-type: “I have to pay for ObamaCare, so should you” (a take on the shop-worn “I’m oppressed, so should you be” meme)

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