22 thoughts on “Milton Friedman – Is Capitalism Humane?

  1. Short answer, no, its not. When one man is worth 180 billion and the guy down the street is living in a cardboard box…

    cardboard box guy hits somebody for stealing his stuff, and said person dies, he goes away for a long time, guy with the big cash walks, fk that…

    No man is better than the next…

      1. I read a question, so I answered it, according to my 61 years of living on this planet.

        Sure ill watch it. but a question is still a question.

        Ok, i watched the first 59 seconds, had to turn it off before passed out.

  2. I’m not really cool with “isms”

    freedom,, sure
    liberty, absolutely !
    Justice , I’d sure like to see it

    social-ism ..nope
    commun ism…nope
    Cabal-ism..hell no

    yeah , they can shove all the isms up their assums

    yeah i couldnt watch it either

    1. I really hope you guys will take the time to give it a watch. I think there’s a lot misunderstood and needs to be realized about economics and the ideals of things like freedom, liberty and justice

          1. Jamal, a book by Thomas J. Dilorenzo you may find informative,
            How Capitalism Saved America: The Untold History of Our Country, from the Pilgrims to the Present Paperback – August 23, 2005

            This is also the author of ‘Lincoln Unmasked’

  3. Okay, Jamal, I watched it and the idea that capitalism saved the United States is laughable. Capitalism preserved the aristocracy in spite of the blood spilled by our ancestors.
    To create a system of autonomy on an even playing field, that is free enterprise, with a debt free currency equally available to all to exploit the resources that belong to us all equally.
    Private property in the free exchange is not what capitalism is.
    Capitalism is the ultimate in collectivism, exploitation, and usury.
    This gentleman speaks against the socialism and the welfare state when the capitalism that has been invoked unlawfully through an unlawful corporate state is the true welfare state and it is a corporate welfare state.
    Or do you think that it was just a natural progression that lead to 1%, the capitalists, hence the aristocracy, control 99% of the wealth, as the rest of us who have always owned the resource, which is the foundation for the accumulation of wealth, are left with 1% of the table scraps from our own table if we are willing to serve the thieves who have taken what is ours without due process of the law and hence in violation of that law?
    We live like f-king animals on the 1% of scraps they throw us from our table to keep us from hanging every goddamn one of them.
    As for the correlation of the building of the statutory law that is in violation of the common law and the superior jurisdiction of we the people, it is nothing more than an accumulation of corporate communist capitalist dictate, creating a system with unlawful regulations that are there for no other reason than to protect the corporate communist elite aristocracy from any competition, as they build their power and continue to consolidate to the point that today we live under a corporate monarchy that violates every concept of individual freedom and liberty, openly as the corporate dictate is enforced, in violation of our supreme ratified law by a private corporate army of criminals enforcing the corporate dictate with the full intent of subjugating us to their capitalist will.
    When this man speaks of common law, well you better understand many of the socialist countries around the world have the sort of common law he is talking about. You know, the kind that is built upon precedence, which is built upon corporate bribery that has left them disarmed and at the mercy of the corporate elite of the world.
    Fortunately for us our common law is a system of maximums and procedures spelled out in such a way that it can only be interpreted fact by fact, those facts which support and make absolute each and every clause.
    Capitalism is the ultimate usury, as it allows collective wealth through the system of secret societies to place the progeny of the original traitors in a position to run a shadow government in unquestionable violation of the supreme superior law, written and ratified by we the people. In fact we have now reached the point to where the capitalist aristocracy thinks they are going to rub our face in their delusion that they are the rulers and we are the ruled.
    So to all you capitalists out there I say, get your f-king red hat on and arm yourselves, because you are about to see how those people whose kindness you have taken for weakness, wipe out an aristocracy and anyone who joins with it, because they think this is how their bread it to be buttered.
    The law and the natural rights of the individual are going to be enforced, and I promise you, I can take this bald headed chicken f-ker into any common law court and have his ass hanging by a lamppost by sundown. He fancies himself an intellect, but I bet you he’ll do the shit dance, just like the rest of these pricks who have declared capitalism/capital/mammon to be the ultimate decider as to what belongs to who.
    I will not grovel at the feet of a piece of shit like this but I will prosecute and hang his arrogant ass and any other mother f-ker who wants to throw on that red hat and go for it.
    Corporate capitalist communism or corporate capitalist Marxism or Bolshevikism, they shall all be destroyed.
    In closing I will say it again, honestly or dishonestly, a man can make money, but money has never and will never make a man.

    1. Henry, im sorry you feel this way. But ok, suit yourself. I guess we have a very different understanding of the definition.

      1. All I see is limousines driving by homeless people living on a bridge and I know this country and its wealth belong to those people on the bridge every bit as much as it belongs to the people in the limousine.
        Past that, I just see red.

        1. Yeah, they use the word (Capitalism) as if it’s just another method of living life, the good life. While stewing within those 10 letters is all the greed and corruption that can be summoned and imagined, all the deceptions you mention. How far we’ve come from gentlemen’s agreements, sealed with handshake and a nod, and assured with genuine eye-contact. How far we’ve come from Mom and Pop operations, where everyday people had aspirations and easily moved to make them real. And the stars really were the limit, available to all.


      2. Jamal,

        Do you feel comfortable at this site? Are you dead sure about our resolve here? Because “The Cat In The Hat” Is about to morf into “The Cat In The Fatigues”

        Starting to feel some bad vibes man.. Be damn sure about what it is we believe in here. I thought by now you were manning one of the oars…

        Just wanna make sure your sleeping well at night man, you seem a little tense…

        This stuff is about to get ugly ..Just sayin…

        1. Mark, I do not feel comfortable here anymore. I’ll believe the bit about the resolve and fatigues when I see it. I also thought I was manning one of the oars, apparently I’m not. I do not sleep well. I am extremely tense. Things are going to get ugly. I’m afraid people don’t really know just how ugly and what they’re really in for. At this point, I feel people are being led to slaughter in some ways. As for what anyone believes in here, I’ll be blunt. I used to think it was the bill of rights, the rights of the people. I’m not really sure anymore. I know that’s what I believe in and I will only speak for myself. To each his own. Its been great reading and posting in this site for the years I have. I will miss you all. I would like to think I could at least read from here, but I will not be participating in posts anymore. And even more regrettably, I can no longer call myself a trencher. Take care Mark.

          1. Oh shite. I hate this. I love you, Jamal and wish you would stay. I understand why trolls and shills and agents have to be purged, but this is a different situation. And what kind of a world would it be if we all went around agreeing? And yeah, we’ll offend each other now and then; strong minds do that because there is so much conviction in place. What better way to cultivate thicker skin and grit? It is a mighty challenge to be one’s self while at the same time allowing others to be themselves; it doesn’t mean we’re allowing deception or abuse, for that is soon called out. It means opinions and perceptions are shared, with some being accepted and some adamantly rejected, but it truly is The Bill of Rights that unites us here, truly. I guess I’m jus’ sayin’ I hope this can be worked through and that I’d hate to see you leave the trench. Sad face.


          2. Jamal- You’re a good man brother. These are tough times. There is loneliness and isolation, for me, for you, for many. I share your situation too.
            Please, don’t go into yourself as I have with myself.
            Your voice is heard, and as difficult as the internet is to communicate through, don’t stop and go away.
            It’s 4 AM bro, and my love out to you, and request to you to just say NO. NO- I’m not going to walk away.
            Get back in here!! Don’t let them divide us!!!!!!!
            One New Yorker to another- much love brother.

          3. ‘Things are going to get ugly. I’m afraid people don’t really know just how ugly and what they’re really in for. At this point, I feel people are being led to slaughter in some ways. ‘ Jamal, I feel the same. My life has become an existence of tactics and strategies, not so much for battle (I’m as ready as I think this old lady can be) but for revealing truth. Truth is the only way out of this mess.
            To be honest I do not always have the time to read all the comments here. You are one of a few whose comments I always take the time to read and I will miss that.
            Regarding capitalism, I must admit I did not realize why Henry was so anti-capitalist so that prompted me to do more research. This is what I love about this site. Henry will throw out something and if it is something I do not ‘know’ I’m off to find out more. I have read one book but I want to gather more information on the matter. Once I have my informed opinion, if it turns out to be contrary to Henry’s I’ll be ready to debate the old fart! LOL
            If you would like the book I mentioned in a previous post send me your mailing addy and I will forward it to you. Love to you

    2. “We live like f-king animals on the 1% of scraps they throw us from our table to keep us from hanging every goddamn one of them.“

      Dam Right!
      And I’m appalled at the fact We the People have allowed it to get this far

      We own this Country , and we need to start acting like it
      When some self important beurocratic know nothing fcktard is making bank on my hard work
      And I’m having to play by his rules
      The game is stacked against us all

      I think we done took enough shit from these bastards and a day of reckoning is definitely in order

      Sooner the better , I ain’t gettin no younger

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