Milwaukee County to end lease with Cudahy Sportsmen’s Club

This is Walker’s Wisconsin and his Green Tier cronies……Green Tier is Wisconsin’s cover name for Agenda 21 and this “Republican” darling is not Constitution friendly.

Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel – by Jesse Garza

Citing environmental concerns, Milwaukee County will not renew its lease with the Cudahy Sportsmen’s Club, effectively killing the trap shooting range formerly called the Cudahy Gun Club that has been a fixture on the South Shore since 1932.  

Concerns over the impact of lead shot, shotgun wads and clay targets, and erosion of the face of the bluff on the site led to the decision to end the lease, according to a letter to club president Tom Ahmad from Milwaukee County Parks Director John Dargle Jr.

The club has until midnight Dec. 31 to vacate the site at Warnimont Park, remove any fixtures, structures and equipment, repair any damage that may result and restore the area in accordance with a plan approved by the county, according to the letter dated Monday.

The notification comes after environmental concerns were aised by a group called the Friends of Grant Park, which says volunteer groups cleaning south shore beaches regularly pick up thousands of the plastic shotgun waddings that have washed ashore.

In a message posted on the club’s website, president Ahmad said members had conducted beach cleanups for the past three years, removing 5½ tons of litter and that only 200 pounds of the trash were shotgun wads.

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