5 thoughts on “Minneapolis Jewish Community Demands Justice for George Floyd

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    These people NEVER demand anything unless they get something out of it.

    HEY! Minneapolis Jewish Community – How about you DEMAND justice for the Palestinians you people are murdering each and everyday!

    That would be a great place to start, instead of joining in the Zionist ploy of this fake racism.

    JD – US Marine Sickened By How These People Always Demand Something Instead Of Stopping Their Own Crimes Against Humanity!

    1. They all look alike, nose, hair , hidden deep seated hatred in their voice, all bullshit…

      If they had the room in israel, they would all leave America and move there tomorrow, they hate America.

      This is why Israel wants more land. And they will slaughter Palistine to get it.

      1. They do not look the same, except as you and me, but they do all sound the same. They’ve infiltrated every nook and cranny of society, spoiling everything they come in contact with.
        When I was a teenager back in western NY, my dentist’s name was Masceri. When the receptionist, with whom I used to work, asked about my new boss, I said, “It’s another good little Jewish boy”, she shushushed me and said, “So’s the doctor!”. ?Italian jew??
        Granted, that was back east, in the seventies, but that just means they’ve had 40+ years to expand, and they have :-l
        They claim to be a race, but that is bull. Just look at Hollywood. They’re all jews or crypto-jews.
        Insidious infiltration of a parasitic vermin. They are everywhere. That is what’s gone “viral”.

  2. Not surprised! Actually, I was waiting for these vermins to come out of their holes. The orchestrators of chaos, kings of propaganda and staged terror plots. They like to pretend they care about the African American community while funding and supporting Planned Parenthood, firing to silence and murdering any one of them, if they speak the truth.

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