5 thoughts on “Minnesota militia group says they’re ready for ‘civil war’

  1. “Everyone told me not to do this interview”

    And Mr. Big Ego just couldn’t take the advice and keep his mouth shut. He’s so itchy to get in the scrum that he needs to flap his gums with complete disregard to Operational Security.

    I may have more to say tomorrow. Right now, suffice it for me to say this bonehead just did what we have all been trained NOT to do: Talk to the Controlled Propaganda Media and give them soundbites that they can use to our and our Republic’s disadvantage.

    May God grant him and all our fellow patriots success in the coming storm.

  2. Badee badee bahdeep. Its about the constitution and stuff.
    Who does this guy speak for?
    He is the commanding officer? Lol
    The last co was a felon? Geez.

  3. so much for Opsec
    what a dope

    so he thinks its gonna be a civil war, what so civil about war anyways?

    maybe it will be a Revolution instead?

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