Missing Comments

Comments posted between 7:32 pm PST February 15, 2013 and 7:39 am PST February 16, 2013 have been irretrievably lost via a change in our server.  We apologize but the move was necessary for the quality of the site.

Thank you for your understanding.

4 thoughts on “Missing Comments

  1. Henry ,Its back up and working fine in the west part of the east or east part of the west,Im as lost as ever but your site is working better than ever.

  2. Got up early this morning and hit a few web sites……….several alternative sites had not been updated since last nite and all the links came up as the dreaded “404”…..Then every link I hit here came up the same way…..

    Well I thought the do-do had indeed hit the fan while I slept…….Glad we are all still here!

  3. I was wondering what happened, because #1 had posted a comment and when I went to the site to see it it was not there, but I had an email saying it should be there. Now I know!

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