Missing Money

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With a national debt approaching $17 trillion, Uncle Sam is tightening his belt and looking under the cushions for extra change. But a closer look at his pocket book reveals just how little he knows about where your money is going. Below are a few examples that will make you think twice about Uncle Sam’s accounting skills.  

Missing Money
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5 thoughts on “Missing Money

  1. Based on the above, just imagine how well Obamacare’s fiduciaries are going to manage all that free money (sarcasm fully intended).

  2. In response to your question of the Fed’s missing $9 trillion, please be advised I have it. It was included in my 2011 Tax Refund. I hope that sets the record straight.

  3. It’s at all levels, the state of Washington Dept of Revenue was asked to justify their expenditures, they couldn’t & that was only one of many in that state! Any wonder it’s the highest taxed state in the Nation——nothing wrong there, huh? —-Fight on for Truth, Liberty & Freedom

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