Missouri Fair clown draws criticism for Obama mask

Yahoo News – by MARIA SUDEKUM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A clown wearing a President Barack Obama mask appeared at a Missouri State Fair rodeo this weekend and the announcer asked the enthusiastic spectators if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.”

The antics led the state’s second highest-ranking official, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, to denounce the performance in a tweet Sunday. He said it was “disrespectful” to the president.  

“We are better than this,” the Republican tweeted.

State Fair officials said the show in Sedalia was “inappropriate” and “does not reflect the opinions or standards” of the fair. “We strive to be a family friendly event and regret that Saturday’s rodeo badly missed that mark,” they said in a statement Sunday.

It wasn’t clear if any action will be taken against the performers.

Perry Beam, who was among the spectators, said “everybody screamed” and “just went wild” as the announcer talked about having the bull run down the clown with the Obama mask.

“It was at that point I began to feel a sense of fear. It was that level of enthusiasm,” Beam, a 48-year-old musician from Higginsville, said Sunday, referring to the reaction from the crowd that filled the fair’s grandstand.

He said another clown ran up to the one wearing the Obama mask, pretended to tickle him and played with the lips on the mask. About 15 minutes into the performance, the masked clown had to leave after a bull got too close, Beam said.

Beam was at the rodeo with his wife and a student they were hosting from Taiwan. He said they were having a good time until the end of the rodeo.

“It was the usual until the very end at bull riding,” he said. “As they were bringing the bulls into the chute and prepping them … they bring out what looks like a dummy. The announcer says ‘Here’s our Obama dummy, or our dummy of Obama.

“They mentioned the president’s name, I don’t know, 100 times. It was sickening,” Beam said. “It was feeling like some kind of Klan rally you’d see on TV.”

Officials with the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, the organization that coordinated the rodeo, did not return phone calls seeking comment Sunday.

After Beam and his family returned home, he posted a photo of the clown in the Obama mask on his Facebook page. The photo and the posting were then promoted online by a blog, Showmeprogress.com, which elicited a huge response Sunday on Twitter.

Scott Holste, spokesman for Missouri’s Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, said Sunday in an email that Nixon “agrees that the performance was disrespectful and offensive, and does not reflect the values of Missourians or the State Fair.”

Beam, who grew up attending the State Fair and attends the fair just about every year, said he has never seen anything like the Obama mask display, which he felt was inappropriate for a state-sanctioned event that receives state funding.

“This isn’t the Republican Missouri State Fair,” Beam said. “It was cruel. It was disturbing. I’m still sick to my stomach over it. … I’m standing here with a mixed-race family. My wife’s from Taiwan, and so was the student (his family was hosting). I’ve never seen anything so blatantly racist in my life.

“If an old country boy picks up on something like that, imagine what a person of color would think.”


6 thoughts on “Missouri Fair clown draws criticism for Obama mask

  1. Boy, oh Boy.

    If there is ONE THING the communists cant abide, it is being mocked.

    That is THEIR weapon.

    As long as they are the ones mocking White Males, Middle America, Christian Values, all if fine and good.

    The moment it is turned on them they squeal like hypocritical stuck pigs

  2. Amazing how Perry Beam wants to bring race into his comments about the Obama clown. It’s not about race, Mr. Beam. It’s about the socialism, progressivism that the likes of Obama represent and are pushing on the rest of the 80% of us that don’t want the Bolshevik party line of crap shoved down our throats. Maybe you folks in the PC crowd should take a real good look around, because there are those of us who are going to stand for our REPUBLIC, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and when the time comes, WE WILL FIGHT FOR IT. And I imagine having a good target when I see your sorry hind ends sticking up from your hole in the ground where you run to stick your heads. I believe good old Mark Twain was from Missouri, and he called it like it was in his day without worrying about what a bunch of wussies would say or think about it. If the clown at 1600 Pennsylvania can’t take it, it’s time to get out of the kitchen.

  3. “Scott Holste, spokesman for Missouri’s Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, said Sunday in an email that Nixon “agrees that the performance was disrespectful and offensive, and does not reflect the values of Missourians or the State Fair.”

    I’ll bet it does reflect the values of Missourians, but Scotty is so detached from reality & attached to funding that he’ll say or print anything to protect his meal ticket.

  4. Great comments folks & keep up the barrage!!! Now, we all need to expose the CIA & Evergreen Air polluting our atmosphere with toxic chemicals to wage war with weather & kill everything that breathes & grows, ELITIST SICKNESS!!! Continue to fight for Freedom, Liberty, Truth & Justice

  5. Tell this perry guy, the missouri state gov and lt gov, that they sould have been the ones to lead the state fair crowd in applause….not cowering in ether ignorance of todays USA or covering up the truth…..
    perhaps they would be earning their keep is no doing.

  6. whEN YOU sWwAR aN oATH to pROtect THE potus.
    yOU HaCk TO aSK yOUR sELV. wtf?

    especially when the potus is an oath breaker himself.

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