MIT Rocket Experts: ‘North Korean Missile Claims Are A Hoax’

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WEB Notes: You mean to tell me the US government has been lying to us all? No… Yes! Have you already forgotten all the failed North Korean missile launches? Have you forgotten about their bent missiles? No nation will launch a nuclear weapon if they are not certain that it will be successful. Can you be deceived so easily? Ask yourself why Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are always painted in the colors of the enemy…

They are not inline with global government. They stand in the way of a harmonized global structure and this is in fact the reason for the constant talk of war with those nations.

As President Donald Trump escalates his war of words against North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong Un, a team of independent rocket experts has asserted that the two rockets the rogue regime launched in July and described as intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are incapable of delivering a nuclear payload to the continental United States, and probably not even to Anchorage, Alaska.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology rocket expert Ted Postol and two German experts, Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker of Schmucker Technologie, published their findings Friday in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, in a paper they titled “North Korea’s ‘Not Quite’ ICBM Can’t Hit the Lower 48 States.” Newsweek saw an early version of the paper.

Postol is professor of science, technology and national security policy at MIT who has advised the Pentagon and Congress on missile-related defense projects. Schiller and Schmucker are missile engineers with the Munich-based company who have previously analyzed North Korean missiles, and in 2012 determined that the country’s supposed ICBMs were “fakes.” Schiller has worked on missile analyses for NATO, the EU, the German and Austrian armed forces and other institutions in Europe. Schmucker has worked at NASA and served as a U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq.

“From the point of view of North Korean political leadership, the general reaction to the July 4 and July 28 launches could not have been better,” the authors wrote. “The world suddenly believed that the North Koreans had an ICBM that could reach the West Coast of the United States and beyond. But calculations we have made—based on detailed study of the type and size of the rocket motors used, the flight times of the stages of the rockets, the propellant likely used, and other technical factors—indicate that these rockets actually carried very small payloads that were nowhere near the weight of a nuclear warhead of the type North Korea could have, or could eventually have. These small payloads allowed the rockets to be lofted to far higher altitudes than they would have if loaded with a much-heavier warhead, creating the impression that North Korea was on the cusp of achieving ICBM capability.”

Source: Newsweek Exclusive: North Korean Missile Claims Are ‘a Hoax’

World Events and the Bible

8 thoughts on “MIT Rocket Experts: ‘North Korean Missile Claims Are A Hoax’

  1. This is a good report if it’s true.

    Also, a confirmation that we continue to be lied to.

    In the mean time contracts continue to soar with all the N. Korean talk.

    Good for some folks, for sure.

    War and talk of war equals profit.

  2. “Ask yourself why Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are always painted in the colors of the enemy…

    They are not inline with global government.”

    In N. Korea’s case, they also have TRILLIONS worth of rare earths.

    And the jews want it.

  3. I would be more concerned about NK poisoning all their exported kim chee to west Fullerton Ca…aka Korean town.

    Then them sending missiles.

    Well…unless their sending poisoned kim chee missles.

    Now that could start an international incident.

  4. As I said before, if North Korea had nukes, they would have used them by now. The Jews just want their minerals and are doing anything to go to war with North Korea to get them.

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