Mitt Romney a Conservative?

The propaganda campaign to establish Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate for president in 2012 with only half of the country having been allowed to vote and become delegates is failing, just as the propaganda campaigns for gender divide, race divide, age divide, and religious divide are also failing.  The propagandists are in fact backtracking, saying that, though Mitt Romney is the presumptive candidate, he has in no way been elected as such yet.  This whole scenario indeed shows the pathetic state of the Republican establishment.

Mitt Romney as a conservative?  Now there is a laugh.  This so called conservative, as Governor of Massachusetts, signed an assault weapons ban that has remained in effect despite the fact that the federal ban has been lifted.  I do not know who is calling Romney a conservative but they obviously are blind to the fact that we the American people are purchasing guns literally faster than they can be produced.

In reality if we are looking to truly stimulate our economy shouldn’t these stimulus monies be going to gun manufacturers instead of the auto industry for the production of these pathetic electric and hybrid cars that no one wants or can afford?

Well seeing as how the vast majority of those calling themselves conservatives also own guns and support the 2nd Amendment, how in this world or any other can Mitt Romney be called a conservative candidate?  And how can there be any expectation of him being elected?

Let’s look at another segment of our population – the unemployed, formerly of the middle class, some 30 million strong, who have lost everything they have worked a lifetime for.  Now does anyone think that these people are going to vote for the ex-CEO of Bain Capital that laid them off, dismantled the factories they were working in, and moved them out of this country?  I wonder just who does the Republican establishment think is going to vote Mitt Romney into the White House.

The neo-con national socialists only make up about 20% of the top 10% of earners in this country.  These are the people who would have Mitt Romney for more record profits through the further rape of our resources by foreigners.

On the same note, nobody wants Obama.  The fact that he is also coming after our guns as a part of his soviet socialist coup cannot be questioned.  He is indeed an international criminal in the service of the one world order.  Obama equals slavery, starvation, and extermination.

So what is the big plan here?  A choice that isn’t a choice?  A choice between the lesser of two absolute evils?  I’m telling every one of you right now.  If a way cannot be found to stop the election fraud and allow Ron Paul to take his rightful place in history as the president that led America back from the abyss, that history is going to be one of a bloody revolution that will see the extinction of the Zionist illuminati.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney a Conservative?

  1. Forget conservative/liberal. It is all misleading. What is particularly onerous about Mitt Romney is the fact that on his list of national security advisers appear/has appeared the names of Michael Chertoff and Dov Zakheim. For those who are uninitiated, Chertoff was head of the FBI investigation of the 911 attack when all of the evidence was corrupted and much of the building material was shipped off to China for processing without cataloguing. Some have alleged wholesale evidence destruction by Chertoff and his crew. He also reportedly destroyed the evidence chain. He was rewarded for his effort by being named head of the Department of Homeland Security from which he left to start a consultancy firm which assisted in having the radiation cancer cluster security devices installed in virtually all airports. Those radiation devices were installed only after the false flag Christmas bomber was ushered onto a plane without a passport and visa which was traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit. Apparently, an intelligence office from Indian RAW assisted the African onto the plane without appropriate documentation and over the protests of the flight crew. If you search Kurt Haskell you will find considerable discussion of this issue on a number of blogs.
    Dov Zakheim, also named on Romney’s list of national security advisors, deserves particular mention because he was comptroller of the pentagon during which time between $2.5 and 3.5 trillion went missing from the pentagon budget. Rumsfeld announced the missing funds the day before 911 (coincidence?).
    Also interesting is the expose which Paul Drockton has published on his blog. Search him. There are allegations of financial misdeeds and misconduct by Romney and/or his associated by members of the Mormon Church suggesting that a number of individuals have been skimming substantial funds from the Church.

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