0 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Clueless on the National Defense Authorization Act

  1. Excuse me Mr Flamney,

    I bought this car from you two days ago with a 90 day warranty included in the contract signed by …uh…you…among others here…and it just blew it’s engine…so what do you say about that?

    “Well…yeah…sure…ok…uh…I’m a little concerned that…uh…there are forces that impact engine performance that, being unidentified and out of our control, must be investigated before we can go forward to look at examining the possibility of possibly entertaining the feasibility of seriously examining the plausibility of your statement which at this time is unsubstantiated.”

    “Next question please…”

    And there are actually people dumb enough to listen to this sort of crap? Oh, you betcha there are! How do ya think we got to this point?

    Could it be too many Dale Carnegie books? Too much TV? Not enough thinking?

    Nah…that’s just a “conspiracy theory”!

    Frankly, Scarlett…

  2. Mitt Romney is only good at one thing and one thing only. Buying companies on the cheap, and then firing all the employees. Send this clown fishing and find a Constitutionalist to fix America. And while were at it, take away his golf and yacht club memberships.

    1. What’s amazing is nobody asks:

      “What the hell did you just say? Here’s the question again….moron! Now answer it!”

      Barnum and Bailey…that’s all it is. Always has been….always will be…a circus of fools. You can stick your finger in the pond….but take it out and the water just closes the space where it was. The constitution is the finger. Or should that be “was”?

      We’ll see.

      Let the comedy continue and pardon me for not laughing.

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