0 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Meets Dying Medical Marijuana Patient

  1. What an arrogant piece of (censored)! Anyone who wants this piss poor excuse for a man as President is an idiot. Talk about a custom made puppet, this guy should change his name to Mitt Bush.

  2. I agree with you, Sunfire. You’ve got a poor, young guy, who’s dying of cancer and the only thing that helps him is a little MJ, and this rich, arrogant, unfeeling piece of shit, Mitt, rudely clams up, and acts like he just found out the kid fucked his wife. If there was any justice in this world, that video clip would be shown on every MSM TV station, every half hour, every day, until the election. Just imagine the response this poor guy would have gotten from Dr. Paul. Romney’s a digusting, pathetic degenerate, and if that man is somehow elected President, this country is gonna blow !!!!

    1. To respond to this display of arrogant indifference after what has already been posted here would be pointless except to say, yes, Clark, that individual in the white house signifies the manifestation of an unlivable reality for the majority of the American population. It is truly frightening and appalling to observe the mannerisms and behavior of a human being whose soul is that cold. The soul of a lizard incarnate in human form. Have you ever read the writings of Nicoli Machiavelli written during the reign of the Medici in Florence, Italy? To do so is helpful in helping one to understand the workings of such minds. We, who have no individual power, perhaps primarily because we never lusted for it, can therefore truly have no idea what it is to have it. It is apparently extremely intoxicating since all these “powerful” individuals appear to be intoxicated to the point of being incapable of empathy, compassion, mercy, or the will to do good on any level that does not bring more water to their own wells.

      1. That is…with the obvious exception of Ron Paul whose character is such that he is truly a giant in this regard among his so called “peers” of which, in truth, he has none in the camp of lock stepping, obedient to unspecified forces, insurgents who are, sadly his “colleagues”….. Additionally sad is that it takes one to know one….and for unknown reasons….few are born. They come forth every few hundred years. So how many will know him?

        1. But, of course that is only my humble opinion. And, after all…what value does the opinion of one who has no money or influence actually have? I can only offer it up to the unknown. I certainly have nothing else to offer. So…for what it’s worth….there y’a go.

  3. Brian, you sure summed up Shit-Mitt’s unexceptable behavior toward that sick young man a lot better than I did, and I thank you. I think you really hit the nail on the head with the observation that, here is this guy, richer than God, running for President, and so power drunk on winning, that he arrogantly treats this poor guy this way, guilt free. If this asshole gets elected, the people ( like you and me ) of this country are well and truly fucked.

    1. Yeah…guys like him really scare the hell out of me. He is one cold dude. I’ve worked for people with that type of aloof, always calculating, indifferent to others manner. They are incomprehensible to me.

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