Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, Joe Biden – America’s Status Quo Apartheid

The propaganda machine has launched its final blitz before the Republican Convention with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on tour.  The crowds that have accumulated consist of every neo-con that could be ordered into service.  But check this out.  This is all of them.  These are the people who will vote for Mitt Romney and their numbers are so minute as to be laughable.

The accumulation of the total crowds for a full day of tours would not make a quarter of those who came forth for Ron Paul at a single event.  And look at these pukes as they wave their little flags made in China and chant, “USA, USA”.  These are the elite.  This is the 1% and the 20% of the top 10% who have their lips firmly attached to the backsides of the 1%.

The forked tongue little weasel, Paul Ryan, is stepping up front and center like the two bit phony he is and talking about taking America back.  Back from who, you alfalfa faced dirt bag?  These neo-cons are as much a part of the international socialist insurgency as the soviet socialists chanting, “Four more years for Obama.”  These crowds too are puny and represent all those that make up the communist element in the United States.

This whole charade is becoming completely untenable.  It is a joke, only we are not laughing.

If you put both the neo-con national socialists together with the soviet socialists, they represent such a minute minority that they do need a private military force to guard them.  These parasites think they can take this country away from we the American nationals through a slight of hand.

But it is not even going to come close to working as we have not only identified them for the traitors they are, but we have found ourselves and our Constitution, and more importantly, the true meaning of our Bill of Rights, which are the chains that will once again bind our government and make it subservient to us.

I have a message for the snake oil salesman, Paul Ryan.  We know who you are and what you are and before this whole thing is over, you are going to find yourself before a court of we the people wherein your crimes of conspiracy, fraud, and treason will be prosecuted.  And no matter what assurances the Bilderbergers have given you, you are going to be punished under our law, just as sure as they are.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, Joe Biden – America’s Status Quo Apartheid

  1. Fish rot from the head down.

    Something to me smells fishy!

    Time to dump the entire festering rotten 0.01% thieving scum and clear the air so normal folk can breathe again.

  2. In a nut shell- world’s major problem-“American Jews”
    No wonder America is trying hard to find if Mars supports life

  3. This is not an election. This is an old soap opera like “The Denver Klan”, “Dallas” , or maybe “General Hospital”. How much longer will it take for the people to wake up?

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