MMA Fighter Bryce Mitchell Delivers Knockout Anti-Mask Rant


This is a month old but it’s great, in case you missed it.

Bryce Mitchell talks about seeing kids on the playground being forced to wear masks by the teacher & says “IT MAKES ME SICK.” He continues on a great 6-minute rant. 

“…Personally I like the government the hell out of my life. I like breathing fresh air. … car crashes kill mire people than corona, why aren’t you shutting down the interstates, Asa Hutchinson?”

Go to minute 3:18 here:

Wikipedia notes

“Bryce Andrew Mitchell (born October 4, 1994) is an American mixed martial artist currently fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Mitchell appeared in the reality television series The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated. As of November 2, 2020, he is #14 in the UFC featherweight rankings.”

The same speech is on twitter with 18.7K likes here:

One thought on “MMA Fighter Bryce Mitchell Delivers Knockout Anti-Mask Rant

  1. This is that antique American National spirit that is surely just now re-awakening in so many of We The People after centuries of dormant selfish complacency.
    His folk sense cuts right through the MSM propaganda BS and shows this horseshit covidiocy for what it is…
    And the UFC cunts will surely torpedo him and destroy his career, lest others become emboldened and speak out as he has done. And he knows it, yet he put Freedom and Liberty above his personal comfort.
    Nice to see this! This man is our brother…

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