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Modern Day War Drums

Today is National Anthem Day and I have seen more gold fringe American flags this morning than I have in years. 

Bet you my shiny nickel there is a fleet of Chinese cargo ships loaded down to the water line with containers full of little plastic American flags on its way here as this is being written.

Progressive communist corporate democracy must be brought to the people of Venezuela to muscle those oil contracts back into the hands of those they properly belong to.

Yellow cake uranium, babies being taken out of incubators, prisoners being released from prison to kill the pro-US corporation minority opposition created by the CIA and the Mosad.

So let’s start waving those flags.  Let’s all get pumped up.  Let’s all do our part in slaughtering the Venezuelans to make sure their oil is handed over to the international corporate mafia elite.


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2 Responses to Modern Day War Drums

  1. Martist says:

    The blind worship of symbols and effigy and total lack of what they should be fighting for is maddening. It’s easier for them to understand a piece of cloth or a song and rally round it and have a cold one with their fellow troglodytes than take the time away from their daily distractions to grasp reality. Somewhere between pity and anger with these types of mouthbreathers and how brainwashed they are. Think I’ll go read the Bill of Rights again in honor of the day. That’s the point of these hollow symbols that is willfully redirected away from We the People.

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