Molecular Biologist: Human Genome Poisoned by mRNA Vaccines Can Be Passed on to Future Generations

Natural News – by Belle Carter

Leaked communications between Pfizer and European Medicines Agency revealed that 50 percent of the contents of the pharmaceutical giant’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine were left undeclared before the fast-tracked approval of the rollout went out.

Canadian physician and molecular biologist Dr. Daniel Nagase said during his recent appearance on the “Dr. Jane Ruby Show” that Pfizer admitted to declaring that only half of the mRNA injections are actually spike proteins. This protein will throw in a very indirect means to develop antibodies in human bodies.

The show’s host, Dr. Jane Ruby, said: “Pfizer was able to negotiate this and I’m sure the other companies probably did too. So everything that went out in these vials, a percentage up to 50 percent, were allowed to be undeclared.”

Of course, the biggest takeaway there is that governments around the world allowed Pfizer to inject their people with an unknown substance.

“Every researcher, geneticist, and molecular biologist that worked on this project would have known that any mRNAs that are injected have reverse transcriptase, which has the potential to turn into deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). Then, it will change the genes of whoever took that injection,” Nagase said.

He further warned that a whole bunch of people might start getting unusual cancers because their DNA had been changed. But that’s only part of the problem.

Nagase said: “The really big problem is what happens in the next generation, our children’s generation and our grandchildren’s generation.”

The scientist explained that genes can get spliced into introns, which are the DNA parts that are kept for reference and not used. A child, even though the mother was injected, might grow up to be a perfectly healthy and beautiful adult.

“But there’s something hidden inside an intron, which is like the references of their DNA. And if spike protein gene is there hiding and that the beautiful adult goes on and has kids, the genes from two, three generations ago may reawaken,” Nagase explained.

He added that technology and science might not be able to stop passing the poisoned DNA to the next or future generations. It might be possible, but could entail a very tedious process.

“A segment of every DNA needs to be pulled out of every cell of someone’s body. That’s too much a scale of technology. And the thing is, if that spike protein gene is hiding in an unexpressed segment of DNA, that person will look act and feel entirely normal,” he said.

Undeclared half of mRNA vaccines may be causing miscarriages and stillbirths

Elsewhere in the show, Nagase said Big Pharma companies that manufacture mRNA vaccines probably know that the undeclared half are proteins that cause women to be infertile.

“A Moderna production engineer claimed that there were two separate ovarian proteins associated with ovarian failure added to the ‘mRNA cocktail‘ that’s been given in these injections,” Nagase told Ruby.

He said that about five billion people on this planet have taken the COVID vaccines and half of those are women.

“Statistically, half of two and a half billion women are capable of becoming mothers and we know from Pfizer post-marketing survey latest releases that the miscarriage and stillbirth rates were up to 90 percent.”

The sad part, Nagase said, is that obstetricians and doctors console mothers who lost their babies and tell them that “it’s just bad luck and miscarriages happen all the time. It’s nothing unusual.”

“The medical community has been a big part of normalizing the rate of miscarriages that if there’s all of a sudden, a sudden increase in miscarriages, the health workers would just think ‘this is usual.’ But if you took it on a community scale, it is no longer usual and there’s been a lot,” Nagase pointed out.Sources include:

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    1. While reading this article after watching the doc Mary posted, I was really thankful for everything I had been learning over the past 3 years, through the daily broadcasts and the articles here, from which I drew the courage it took for me to defy the medical tyranny for myself, my husband and my son. I feel so badly for the people I know, who now have to live with the possible consequences. How do you even begin to have a conversation with someone you tried to warn, about this dirty trick that was played on the world? Without you all here, who knows how I would have been able to handle all the pressure? I fought hard. Lost most of my old friends to the lie while I made new ones here. I stood up to all of it and said not only “no”, not only “Hell no”, but “F-K NO!!!” I can’t thank you enough.

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