Monsanto readies first-ever GMO wheat

Michael Doane, Monsanto's wheat industry affairs director, looks atgrowth in a wheat field in an undisclosed location in North Dakota inthis undated file photo. (Reuters / Carey Gillam)RT News

Biotech titan Monsanto has made significant advances in the development of herbicide-tolerant wheat, the company announced recently, and could have the first-of-its-kind crop ready for farming in just a few years’ time.

Genetically-modified wheat isn’t legally approved anywhere in the world, but the billion-dollar St. Louis, Missouri-based agriculture company has for years been determined to develop the first GMO variety of the cash crop. Now Monsanto’s chief technology officer thinks the company is on the right track with regards to research.  

Monsanto’s GMO wheat-in-progress is among 29 endeavors being undertaken by the group to have made “phase advancements” recently, company reps said in a conference call last week, and testing has advanced from the “proof of concept” stage to early development.

Monsanto-made wheat, like other GMO crops created by the company, would be resistant to their weed killer Roundup and thus join the likes of other “Roundup Ready” products already sold by the company, including bioengineered soybean and corn.

“From an overall market perspective, the grain industry and the wheat industry — specifically the wheat trade industry — has remained very interested and supportive of biotech advances,” Monsanto CTO Robb Fraley said during last week’s call, according to Baking Business reporter Eric Schroeder.

“A wheat farmer generally is also a corn and soybean farmer, and they understand the benefits of the technology, and the wheat industry has watched the benefits that this technology has brought to both corn and soybeans. And so we continue to make advances,” added Schroeder.

According to the company’s top technologist, though, GMO wheat would likely not be reality until a couple of years down the road.

“We are still several years away from a product launch, but it is nice to see those products in the pipeline,”Fraley added.

Indeed, Monsanto has actually spent the better part of a decade-and-a-half researching GMO wheat. The company began field testing a variety starting in 1998, but suspended operations in 2005 after determining that a super-wheat strain wasn’t quite ready to be launched.

As RT reported last week, Monsanto also recently announced that sales of its Roundup Ready soybean grew 16 percent during the quarter ending November 30, 2013.

Piper Jaffray Cos analyst Michael Cos told Bloomberg News at the time that Monsanto’s GMO soybean “will prove to be the single most important earnings driver” for the company during the course of the next two years. According to Fraley’s assessment, though, the company could be nearly completion on its GMO wheat by then.

Should Monsanto stay on track, however, they’ll still have to worry about the restrictions currently in place in the United States and abroad against GMO wheat. The company became the centerpiece of a biotech scandal last year when remnants of old biotech wheat turned up on an Oregon farm practically a decade after Monsanto supposedly stopped testing the crop. After those reports circulated, a government official for Japan’s farm ministry placed an embargo on all US wheat.

Many others countries outside the US have banned GMO imports, and China recently refused no fewer than five shipments of American corn allegedly over concerns it could have been tainted by a biotech variety of the crop.

11 thoughts on “Monsanto readies first-ever GMO wheat

  1. they have hybridized wheat to where it is not fit to eat, and they also use bromide instead of iodine which they used to use. Bromide is very dangerous to consume. Now they want to gmo it. I have almost completely eliminate wheat from my diet because of this. realy miss it. damn!!

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    Monsanto – The new I.G. Farben.

    GMO – The new Zyklon-B*

    *Note: I.G. Farben was the manufacture of Zyklon-B,.. the chemical used to murder people in gas chambers.

    Monsanto is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity with it poisons,.. and EVERY single executive and employee of Monsanto is eligible for the Death Penalty,.. and should be brought to justice to face that very justice.

    JD – US Marines – I don’t know who is MORE evil, treacherous, and the purveyor of greater crimes against man kind,… the Central Banksters,… or Monsanto,.. but they all deserve the Death Penalty.

    1. Sorry JD. There were no gas chambers in Germany. That’s another blatant Zionist lie perpetrated by and for the benefit of the murderous AshkeNAZI so-called ‘jews’.

      Zyklon B was actually a de-lousing agent, and not a very strong one at that.

      I don’t have the time right now (I’m at work), but if you’re interested, I can post you some quotes from an outstanding book I have on the subject – “A Greater “Miracle” Than The Ten Lost Tribes Discovered… – The Dead “Six Million” Uncovered…!”

      There were absolutely NO gas chambers in Germany.

      1. Hi #1,

        Actually,.. I have that book,.. just have not gotten to it yet! (I have a backlog of studying and research materials to get thru!)

        I am not saying there was a “holocaust”,… (I’m sure there was NOT one,… unless you were Christian…) I’m not sure that the Germans didn’t exterminate no one,.. with or without gas chambers.

        Also I’m sure the book you mention will be very revealing,.. one book in and of itself does not eliminate the possibility that some people were Mass-Murdered (method also open to question).

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        JD – There have been (and will be) Mass Exterminations of people based on their religion,.. but it has almost ALWAYS been the Christians!

        1. Those in the concentration/work camps were treated FAR better under the Germans than they were after the Allies took over. The Bolshevik Russian so-called ‘jews’ were the ones guilty of mass exterminations (as well as the U.S., the starvation of some 11 million Germans) in that war, JD.

  3. As for Monsanto, they’re STILL my # 1 most hated corporation, and imo, they’ll likely eventually kill more people than all the wars combined if they’re not destroyed.

  4. Actually what the Nazis did in the concentration camps was far worse than gassing. Gassing would have been kinder in as much as first they were starved (Germany suffered lack of food because of the war). Then there was Typhus which killed thousands. Medical experiments ran rampant with twins, pregnant women, mentally disabled and many not fit for work.

    The crematories ran day and night to handle the dead that grew in numbers daily. I would imagine some were shot but the majority were working for the German Reich for the war.

    1. Another blatant Zionist so-called ‘jew’ lie, Susan. Most of the ‘jews’ who died in the work camps died from disease and starvation AFTER the Allies “liberated” them. What the Russians did to them was FAR worse than (most of) what the Germans did.

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      1. I should have added this also…..

        “However, even the “official number” of “jews” who died at Dachau has been reduced to 20,600 – most of whom died from typhus and starvation only at the very end of the war (when food and medical supplies were scarce because supply lines had been cut off by the Allies).”

        One helluva reduction, from 238,000 all the way down to 20,600, wouldn’t you say?

  5. Exactly right # 1 NWO hater , these bastards have brain washed all of us from birth . One thing I always bring up , is the U S freed the jews from german oppression , then why is it we keep paying all this money to these jew bastards ?

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