Monthly Stimulus Checks Ilhan Omar Proposes Bill for Regular $1200

Aug 1, 2021
Representative Ilhan Omar, along with other progressive Democratic lawmakers, proposed legislation that would dole out regular stimulus checks—or guaranteed income—through monthly payments of up to $1,200 for adults and $600 for children. The Minnesota congresswoman announced the proposal on Friday, saying that “poverty is a choice” in a press release and a Twitter post about the proposed legislation. Fellow Democratic Representatives Dwight Evans of Pennsylvania, Marie Newman of Illinois, and Jamaal Bowman of New York also endorsed the bill.”For too long we have prioritized endless growth while millions are homeless, hungry or without healthcare,” Omar said in an official statement about the bill.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Stimulus Checks Ilhan Omar Proposes Bill for Regular $1200

  1. What deep compassion!! Oh, you’re hungry? Well there’s help coming your way in 2028!!! Just 7 years from now!! That should give you enough time to starve to death or to dutifully die from the jab. Your government is diligently looking after you.

    Man, if this ain’t proof of a long-term commie plan, I don’t know what is.

    These so-called activists sure do rake it in: Ilhan’s reported pocketbook, but I bet it’s more than reported:


  2. And just where does she think this money going to come from? This is just more of their agenda to destroy America. Thanks but no thanks I for one do not want a bunch of evil low life having control over my ability to eat or put a roof over my head!

  3. Depending on how long they decide to string people along
    Could end up putting them on the menu

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