Morbid Las Vegas Billboard Shocks Commuters

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AOL  LAS VEGAS – Police say a mannequin dangling from a hangman’s noose on a Las Vegas billboard with the words “Dying for Work” was a publicity stunt.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Jeremie Elliott says 911 calls started coming in early Wednesday from drivers worried the dummy along Interstate 15 near Bonanza Road was a real person.

The black billboard featured the words “Dying for Work” in white lettering, with a hanging, dark-suited mannequin.

A woman who answered the phone at Lamar Advertising Co. says the sign was not authorized and was being removed. She did not provide her name.

Elliott says it’s not clear who’s responsible.

At least one similar billboard was reported in Las Vegas. That sign read “Hope You’re Happy Wall St.” and featured another dummy.

The sign caused a lot of shock for drivers on their morning commute and actually created a dangerous situation on the freeway, with drivers slamming on their brakes and calling for emergency services.

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    1. I happen to enjoy Cod’rs, too. (I know cranberry & vodka by 2 names. In the South, a “Scarlett O’Hara.” In the North, a “Cape Cod” or “Codder” for short) Could use a few of them right now. LOL

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      1. @ Angel, Henry, #1, NC Clark ya`ll , I hope I haven`t forgotten anyone worthwhile – I wish we could all get together sometime and not have to worry about them damndable trolls

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        1. You forgot Mark Schumacher, Sunfire, JD, Camil2003, David2, REDHORSE…apologies if I forgot somebody.

          1. Man o man Henry, you are right, by golly! I am bad with names – I grew up believing that names are just a lable, and people are a lot more than just lables. Of course I would have happily included you guys also. Geez I can`t believe I forgot you guys and the others! P.S. Henry I will try to send some stuf. You will be the first ones I will ever have sent E- mails too though. I hope it will work. I have probs. with opening up E-mail mesages on my end. They do not seem to want to open up for me. I saw I had one fome Liberty tree that will not open up that I got last week.

  2. Haha people sure don’t like it when reality knocks on their door hard.
    That offends me and I want it removed now ha.

  3. Wouldn’t mind seeing Obummer at the end of that rope!

    That being said, I’m offline for the rest of the night. My friend Chris, (the one I met here at Starbucks) is jonesing to see “Total Recall”.

    1. I don’t know. I kinda see a Hillary mannequin coming in the future. With tomatoes, bees and honey all over it.

    2. He has just gotta learn how to do the end of the rope swing. He just has got to come out of his shell and practice a little. He would be a fine swinger I #1NWO Hater.

  4. this is known as Project Mayhem, expect more of this, it is being done to wake america up while it has been sleeping robbers dressed as bankers and politicians have destroyed the country, in a few years time it will be more like the old wild west … the downward spiral has begun in earnest, buy silver like mad, it is SHTF time

  5. I’m not so much obsessed with “Total Recall” as I am impressed. It is one of the best anti-establishment movies I’ve seen in a long time, as it gets into FFTA’s more than most movies do. Also, Chris works nights, and Wednesday is his only day off. I had planned on writing another article last night, but I had given the movie such high praise he couldn’t wait to see it. Another new friend of mine from Starbucks, another ‘awake’ one, (although that wasn’t my doing, he was awakened years before I was) also went, and he loved the fact that it was SO anti-establishment / anti-government also. We all talked about it (among other things) so long afterwards, I didn’t get home and to bed until an hour later than usual.
    I had planned on seeing it again anyway. One thing I missed the first time I saw it though, was one scene when Hauser goes to the bank and gets into his safe deposit box, there are several stacks of money in it. The second stack of bills he grabs had Obummer’s picture on it. Now THAT was funny!
    Outstanding movie, I highly recommend it. Five stars.

  6. p.s. It looks like you have a fan out there. I saw another article with the screen name NC2 posted on the comment.

    1. We as individuals need to study the military’s plan and find any or all the weaknesses we can and exploit them. These bastards have thought of almost everything and are doing it silently through their paid think-tanks. We can’t let them get the upper hand on us. They must be stopped and they will be stopped which is why I encouraged JD and people like yourself to post as much tactical material as they can against these things. I downloaded all the military documents (UGH! So many of them), but there are so many of them that the only way to read them all is according to what you need to read as most important to you at the time. That and “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. Invaluable documents.

  7. NC, I found that comment. It was posted back at you, apparently. Here it is.

    NC2 commented on Conservatives Are Saying This Could Have Been The Moment Mitt Romney Lost The Election.

    in response to Henry Shivley – OR:

    Business Insider Mitt Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom this morning to hammer the controversial ad from a pro-Obama SuperPAC that blames Romney for the death of a steelworker’s wife. But in defending Romney, she veered way off message, explaining that if the steelworker, Joe Soptic, had lived in Massachusetts, he and his wife would have been […]

    NC-You got me real scared that John Bolton is Obama’s Science Advisor–It’s John Holdren

    1. Eh! They are both crazy and support Obama. No difference. lol Anyways, I’ll correct that for future reference. My bad.

  8. I can’t really say , diggerdan, There was nothing offensive about his comment, I was just curious, as it was the first time I’ve seen that name, that’s all.

    1. I agree #1NWO Hater, I just get realy nervous you know. He said nothing offensive I know but it just seems funny how close that name is ya know.. By the way, I got hit with some hard maleware and it took Kaspersfy anti-virus to find it. 8 male ware overnite. Any body else get hit with any maleware lately. My firewal didn`t detect it nor did the panda anti virus ddetect it but Kaspersky did! Kind of wondering about that mk-ultra guy from late last week that NC was suspicious about. That is about when I started to notice problems about that time. I lost a lot of stuff on my PC and it is ungodly slow all of a sudden. E-mail wont even open up now. Just wondering if you guys have had any problems. It kind of sucks. For just a quick scan it took about 13 hrs. for kaspersky to detect it. 24 prob. with 8 maleware. Just askin ya know. Good nite guys. see ya tomorrow I hope.

        1. I` hoping you guys don`t get hit with it, it sucks. any way it will get worked out I`m sure It is damn slow and it took a lot off PC. I just had to ask. Just to make you all aware of it . Kaspersky is pretty good anti virus. I`m calling it a nite for now again g`nite guys. thanks for feed back.

  9. Right, NC, looks like they’re covering ALL their bases, preparing for every conceivable contingency.
    Let’s hope that the majority of them took their oath to defend this country from all enemies, foreign AND domestic, seriously.

  10. I’ve never used anything but Kaspersky ever since I started using computers, and nothing has ever gotten through it. They’re the best in the business, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Yes #1NWO Hater – I use the free version of Kaspersky and it unlocks me every time and finds whats the others do not. I use the Panda provided by centurylink but Kaspersky has all the others beat by a mile hands down easily.

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