More Gun Control: Trump Says He’s “Seriously” Considering Banning Silencers

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

President Donald Trump has already successfully gotten more gun control done than his predecessor, Barack Obama.  But he doesn’t seem to want to stop at banning bump stocks.  He’s now “seriously” considering banning silencers.

The media is taking aim at Trump over the shootings and he responded in a manner that would make any Democrat smile. “Well, I’d like to think about it,” Trump said in an interview with Piers Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. “I’m going to seriously look at it.” While Trump said he didn’t “love” the idea of a ban, he also was unhappy to see the frequency and severity of mass shootings in the United States, according to Bloomberg.

The shooter used two legally bought .45 caliber handguns, with a suppressor, in the attack. The shooter was shot and killed by police.

Virginia’s Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, said Tuesday he will summon lawmakers back to the state Capitol to consider a package of gun-control legislation. Republicans control the state’s legislature, however, if Trump is showing some support for more gun control, it’s possible other Republicans will follow in lockstep.  Northam’s proposals include a ban on silencers and high-capacity magazines. He also seeks to limit handgun purchases to once a month – meaning the government will be tracking your purchases.  Translation: handgun registration.

A ban on silencers will literally do nothing to stop mass shootings.  No gun law will stop mass shootings, but silencers only make the sound quieter. It’s as pointless as a bump stock ban.

There’s a lot of talk of gun control once again and everyone claiming they have authority over the lives of others seem to think the blame lies on the shoulders of those who have committed no offense and violated no one’s rights.  But the power-hungry politicians are all too happy to trample all over our rights and punish good people for the acts of psychopaths.


3 thoughts on “More Gun Control: Trump Says He’s “Seriously” Considering Banning Silencers


  2. Umm yeah OK
    Try to ban pretty much ANYTHING.
    Since we know how to do shit you aren’t going to stop anything.

    Here is just a sample and in fact if you put your mind to it you can pretty much make anything.
    Some systems use large oil filters 😉

    Please don’t get me started on any of this so called banning of things HAHAHAHAH.
    You fucking pussies couldn’t ban anything less toilet paper forcing the rest to use 80 grit.

    Keep challenging us you know dam well you will fail.

  3. Banning silencers? What the hell do silencers have to do with anything? When’s the last time anyone ever used a silencer in a mass shooting event of any fake terror event?

    What’s next? Ban metal because it’s used to make guns?

    I mean now he’s just banning anything that’s just gun related. It’s doesn’t even have to be in a staged event. Now he’s just pissing all over the 2nd Article and committing in your face treason like he rest of them, as always.

    Are you Trumpettes going to vote another fraud in again in another fraudulent election, giving you the same bullshit again just so you can say, “hey, at least I tried and voted” rather than getting up off your lazy asses and removing the treasonous pieces of shit yourselves?


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