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Hawai‘i is set to receive $32 Million Package for its higher education institutions

Check out the list of the breakdown here:

All these schools are CLOSED! Yet they are getting $32 Million.

And this:

Hawaii to get $4 billion in federal funds for coronavirus

Posted: Mar 30, 2020 / 05:17 PM HST / Updated: Mar 30, 2020 / 07:39 PM HST

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii is set to receive at least $4 billion in federal coronavirus relief funding that includes $1.2 billion to help local response efforts.

There will be $1.1 billion in unemployment assistance, $1.2 billion in stimulus payments to residents, and $11 million for community health centers.

My comment:

To date, I have not heard of ONE person on Maui that has received their unemployment! My son has been unemployed for 6 weeks and has received nothing. Not even an email response.

Yet the State is getting $1.1 Billion in assistance. This is in addition to the funds they should already have for unemployment! Yet they are not releasing checks.  Follow the money folks!

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