3 thoughts on “More Minneapolis Gang Members Using Gun ‘Switches’

  1. Lets make sure these two “Journalist” (along with a whole gaggle of these maggots across the board) are brought up on charges one day after we the people restore our nation and its laws!

    Their treason is naked and simpy, weak feminine males, our true founders would have made them stay home and bake bread for the true militia… DTTNWO….

    Shall not be infringed, how hard is that… Gangsters, Mobsters, Feds, nazis, skinheads and even Jews…should be able to get what ever arms and accessories they desire… because it all comes down to balls….and confronting evil, corruption and tyranny… by baring and engaging with arms…

  2. That seems dumb. make a pistol so fast you can’t control it and you need to carry dozens of mags on you so you can spend more time reloading than actually hitting a target.

    This world is full of retards.

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