More Mysterious Booms: Ohio, Texas, Alabama, California, New Jersey & South Carolina

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

The loud mysterious booms continue; this time as shared in the videos below near a South Carolina town with reports coming in just tonight from various locations across America, including TexasMalibu, CaliforniaNew JerseyAlabama and Ohio.

According to these video news reports, many calls were coming from homes running along Highway 11 in South Carolina, quite close to the Cowpens National Battlefield. However, local Sheriff Steve Mueller says there hasn’t been any kind of blasting going on there.

So, what is really going on? Are residents near Cowpens Battlefield hearing ghosts of the Battle of Cowpens? The sound described in many of the linked reports above is similar; it sound like two very large objects colliding with one another. The theories are numerous as to what might be causing these loud booms, from meteors with sonic booms entering the earths atmosphere to the North American craton loosening up for the New Madrid. Ideas?

The latest meteor scan shows a couple meteors incoming.

16 thoughts on “More Mysterious Booms: Ohio, Texas, Alabama, California, New Jersey & South Carolina

  1. These “booms” that are allegedly being heard all over the country may be anything, or nothing, but until we have some kind of definite empirical data concerning them and/or their possible source, they’re just a distraction, and it’s also still possible that they’re not even really happening.

      1. No, I guess not, but there are ten times as many people who claim to have been abducted by UFO’s, and I don’t believe in them either.
        It could be a media invention designed to induce people to ignore, or not be surprised by the sound of artillery in the distance.
        It just seems to me that we hear a lot about these booms, and no one is ever able to definitely say what causes them, and I think that if they wanted to explain them, they could, or at least they’d provide something that makes us believe they can explain them. Instead all we get are guesses, as if there’s an intention to keep them shrouded in mystery.

  2. Im in Malibu…in the mnts and didnt hear anything…did see a post on GLP about booms in Malibu…then the GLP(godlikeproductions) histeria started…”loud booms in sky scare minorities and theres hambuger all over the streets in Westic, Connecticut” Fireside Thearter early 70’s comedy troop…

    1. Sounds a lot like The Firesign Theater on KPPC and KPFK.

      The residents of some American towns such as Aberdeen, Maryland, heard booms continuously almost every night of the week and never thought very much of it.

      It’s interesting when they are isolated, though.

  3. HAARP? Do you realize there is a FEMA drill set for April 27 involving a ufo crash and biological contamination?

    Was bill cooper right about haarp and the phony alien invasion? Even von braun backed up this story.

    1. Been rehearsing for the invasion since HG Wells. and consider where the booms in this story emanate- highway ELEVEN – thats 11 wink, wink. Jolly may be onto something, even masonic signalling going on here

  4. Booms in Texas? I live in Austin, TX and I have not heard any booms at all, either. Maybe it was in Houston or Dallas. I don’t know. But I haven’t heard anything on it. Strange.

    Can anyone confirm from anyone else as to whether these booms now and in the past have actually happened or could this all be a distraction like Jolly Roger is thinking?

    We know the Louisiana Sinkhole is true, but what about the booms? I’m not saying that it is all a hoax, but until I hear evidence of the booms myself, I can also not say that it isn’t a hoax.

    We need to research this more thoroughly.

  5. The goverment is not only building secret underground facilities they are now also building underground tunnels like highways underground for fast movement around the country.

    1. ” are now also building underground tunnels….”

      You think they are just NOW building those? If anything, they are NOW building the appendages from the mainlines that have been built for at least three decades now.

      Surprised to not see too much news coming from the Ozark underground complex(?) that has been confirmed and uncovered.

      Nothing new going on about the facility beneath Denver’s airport either.

      Those two thing, among others, really strike me as odd. Because they are known to exist, have been documented(although not FULLY, yet)…but yet…no news…from anywhere?

      Just seems strange to me…

      But yeah…those tunnels (and travel systems)you speak of have been being built, and completed, since at least three decades.

      That’s another thing thats known…and nothing going-on reported…by anyone. Not much anyway…a few related articles that repeat the same BS mostly.

      And IMO…just another distraction that will be of no consequence when TSHTF…when we get the puppet-masters themselves eradicated.
      Will be pretty wild to take a joy-ride on one maybe….when we get possession of it/them.
      I fear that when found, these systems will be torn apart by gung-ho people. Would be a shame. I have a feeling ALOT of the hidden tech is down in some of these places. Might be a little useful.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

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