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More on those Syrian refugees going to North Carolina

Refugee Resettlement Watch – by Ann Corcoran

Update:  First Syrian family to arrive in Greensboro living in hotel, here.

This is follow-up story to our post of a few days ago where we learned that Syrians are arriving in the Triad area of North Carolina.  Resettlement contractor World Relief/Evangelicals expects 30-100 this next year (the fiscal year begins October 1).    

Refugees are not self-sufficient in 90 days as World Relief says below, but have been connected to “services.”  See our fact sheet for the list of social services (aka welfare) available to refugees.  They will be deemed self-sufficient even as they remain on most forms of welfare.Our top post for the last six days is this one about the State Department spokesperson’s comment thatthousands of Syrians had been selected by the UN for resettlement to the US.  The largest percentage will be Sunni Muslims.

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Organizations such as World Relief and Church World Service work with the U.S. State Department to resettle refugees from around the world.  [Both “church” organizations are actually federal contractors.–ed]

Timbie said World Relief High Point typically resettles 400 to 450 refugees in the High Point and Winston-Salem area each year. He expects to assist anywhere from 30 to 100 refugees from Syria in the next year.

The government provides money to help these families make it through their first few months in the United States. World Relief employees provide job skill and language training and help the refugees find jobs with local companies and connect to services.

“Our job is to make them self-sufficient within 90 days,” Timbie said.

That does not mean that they are on their own, Timbie said. It just means they are not relying on that upfront money.


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3 Responses to More on those Syrian refugees going to North Carolina

  1. Ted Wansley says:

    What kind of incentives does the gov offer companies to hire “refugees” before Americans?

  2. GrinNBarrett says:

    I can not help wonder at all the aliens and refugees coming here in such large numbers what is going to happen to them when the economic crash comes. There will be no government support, communities will be struggling to survive what will they do. Many will be caught in the crossfire as it is expected to see rioting so says the government agencies. This is very cruel if you ask me. I see no bright future for them at all.

  3. Darkwing says:

    Don’t we have enough problems in this country with our own citizens, now we take the scum of the earth, pay them to live here and take jobs away from the people that really need it. I am GD tired of our government, taking my money and giving it to whoever THEY want.

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