More than 6,000 military personnel expected in DC by end of weekend


There will be around 6,200 military personnel in D.C. by the end of the weekend, a massive response to the U.S. Capitol riot from earlier this week.

The Virginia National Guard currently has 1,000 personnel in D.C. as of Saturday. The Guard plans on adding another 1,000 by Sunday night, joining National Guard Soldiers and Airmen from states around the District.

“The VNG plans to provide about 2,000 personnel total to join a force of National Guard Soldiers and Airmen from neighboring states expected to reach 6,200 by the end of the weekend,” according to a statement.

Sources tell ABC News National Guard from several states are headed to the Metropolitan Police Department to be sworn in as special police officers. They will then go to the Capitol to be sworn in by U.S. Capitol Police. The sources describe “dozens of buses” headed to D.C.

The Virginia Nation Guard plans on assisting throughout the Presidential Inauguration.

“Once again our Soldiers and Airmen left their full-time jobs and loved ones to answer the call of duty to help keep their fellow citizens safe,” said Major General Timothy P. Williams, the Adjutant General of Virginia.

Both Virginia and Maryland sent their respective National Guards in Wednesday night after supporters of President Donald Trump stormed and infiltrated the U.S. Capitol Building. More than 1,100 National Guard members were deployed as well.

The Virginia National Guard said Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York also sent reinforcements during Wednesday’s riots.

“We greatly appreciate the support from the entire National Guard team across the region to respond to law enforcement officers who needed help, and we are proud of our Guard members who supported the lead agencies in this mission,” said Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy said in a release Friday.


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