More than 300,000 maskless bikers flex their defiance on Daytona Beach over Biden’s national mask mandate

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More than 300,000 bikers rolled into Daytona Beach this week with a defiant message for President Joe Biden and his national mask mandate: ‘This is America, you can’t tell us what to do.’

The famed Spring Break mecca pushed ahead with its 80th annual Bike Week despite fears it could spawn a Covid-19 superspreader event. joined the giant rally as leather-clad motorcyclists from every state in the nation cruised down Main Street for a raucous party on two wheels.

Virtually nobody wore a mask or practiced social distancing as tattooed revelers packed into bars to sing along to REO Speedwagon covers and kick back with $3 beers.

‘I refuse to mask. Joe Biden ain’t gonna tell me what to do. I have a constitutional right to do whatever the hell I want,’ laughed biker John Saxon, 52.

Saxon wore a stars and stripes bandana, Confederate-themed sleeveless shirt and had a badge on his black leather vest listing his vocation as ‘sex instructor: first lesson is free’.

In fact, his day job is working in a power plant in Biloxi, Mississippi and he rides 550 miles east every year to Daytona Beach to ‘get drunk and meet nice women.’

A lingering pandemic and a recent surge in mutated UK and Brazilian Covid cases in Florida was never going to deter him or his biker brethren.

‘I don’t believe in all that virus bullsh*t. I’ve had a friend who’s had it three or four times,’ Saxon insisted. ‘And if anyone should be worried about the virus, it’s me – I don’t have a spleen.’

David Seibert, a 24-year-old mechanic from Pittsburgh, was similarly dismissive of catching Covid.

He rode to Daytona Beach for cruising and camaraderie, not to be ‘lectured’ over a disease he reckons is no more dangerous than the common cold.

‘if I was going to get it, I would have had it by now. I don’t believe in masks, I’m yet to even wear one. If I walk into a gas station and they ask me to put one on, I just walk straight out of there,’ Seibert said.

That was exactly the sort of attitude that Joe Biden condemned last week as ‘Neanderthal thinking’ as he attacked states for rolling back Covid restrictions.

The President has vowed to work with governors and mayors to introduce a national mask mandate to help stem the spread.

But judging by the large black banner flying from the back of Seibert’s customized Harley he didn’t care too much for the Commander-in-chief’s advice. It read: ‘Fu*k Biden and Fu*k You For Voting for him’.

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5 thoughts on “More than 300,000 maskless bikers flex their defiance on Daytona Beach over Biden’s national mask mandate

  1. call them trumpsters, call em what you will, I call them AMERICANS!!!! Most are from the South and these Patriots have no doubt tired of all this fake bullshit, so lets stop labeling People, NO! I did not vote for trump or the other idiot, but by God, I support these bikers for standing up for their rights and living and fighting for their freedoms!!!! WE NEED TO UNITE NOW!!

    1. I don’t call them Trumpsters, I call them Trumptards and Biden Buffoons.
      These bikers did what everyone of us should be doing. And Trumptardedness and Biden Baffoonism is not terminal. One can heal oneself. All they have to do is quit being stupid, realize who they are and what their authority is and realize there is no left, there is no right, no conservatives, no liberals, no republicans, no democrats. There is just our absolute jurisdictional authority as individuals by the absolute ratified law of December 15, 1791 and that the zionist jews have infiltrated and taken over using the unlawful United States Corporation and the unlawful 14th Amendment.
      These bikers did a good thing and understand that when one enforces one’s rights they enforce the rights of all. There are a lot of people out here who have been fighting and dying for the past thirty years in order to wake the sleeping masses.
      UNITE NOW! Absolutely! But never under the banner of the corporate communist Trumptards nor the bolshevik marxist Biden Baffoons. Both represent two different versions of communism. We must unite as individual free sovereign nationals under our Bill of Rights, prepared to enforce our law and drive these communists out.
      I’ve had my bones broken, my blood spilled, and have served time as a political prisoner defending our Bill of Rights, and I didn’t have 300,000 people to stand with me. I stood alone, while most of the rest of this country was blissfully living their lives under communism as our precious Bill of Rights was being dismantled.
      I salute these bikers for making a stand, but by God, we come together under that Bill of Rights and nothing else.
      F-k that communist treasonous son of a bitch Donald Trump and that communist treasonous son of a bitch Joe Biden, they both shit through the same hole. We either unite under the Bill of Rights and enforce it, or we pick a brand of communism and have these fractional dictatorships that we will leave to our children.
      I’m glad it was Daytona beach, that is where I was born.
      Only Americans coming together to throw off this tyrannical government and enforce our law, or it is the 14th Amendment, slavery and servitude to the corporate aristocracy that too many worship, I swear to God I don’t know why.
      The Bill of Rights is individual freedom and liberty.
      The United States Corporation and the 14th Amendment and the subcontracted state, county, and municipal districts are slavery misery and death.
      Those who are adults will suffer the least while those little grandchildren you are looking at will be marched to the ditches and exterminated because by our law and jurisdiction we are the true owners of these united states. All that has been done since Lincoln declared martial law is a fraud and the fraudulent theft of our country, which we will take back, by God.

      1. Henry, you are 1000% right! screw the political parties, bring back our BILL OF RIGHTS!! This has undoubtedly been the most awakening year of my life.
        It is revolting to see how many stupid, compliant, diaper wearing, materialistic morons out there. I have not worn the mask, nor will I take the medical experimentation of the rdna. I do respect you, Henry the difficult times and sacrifices you have had to do. I am amazed and how easily the Americans can be bought off with a little stimulus money, THAT IS THERES TO BEGIN WITH! How cheap is your freedom cost to you. I admire gunless countries that protest the lockdowns like Germany and the UK.
        But, we are far beyond protests, as the elitists laugh at us while criminally rob us blind. You will own nothing and be happy! Really?. lets start by taking all you sht first. I wonder everyday, When? How much Sht are people going to take. Whats is left of the last centuries Vets were the last REAL MEN who would fight back. But, honestly I am praying there is enough of us baby boomers left whose health is still hanging on to carry the fight. Wow, sorry about the rambling, Damn, I promised I would be in a positive mood today, maybe tomorrow.

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