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Mormon Temple Hidden Camera FAQ: What happens after the prayer circle?

Published on Nov 4, 2016

I’ve posted several prayer circle videos on YouTube but rarely post footage of what happens immediately after the prayer circle. This video begins immediately after the prayer circle seen in the following video ends at the 6:14 mark: https://youtu.be/ZPXxYStfuC0

This video shows the part of the Mormon temple endowment ceremony commonly referred to as “the instructions at the veil”. Mormons believe that they will be required to give Masonic handgrips before entering the Celestial Kingdom (aka Heaven) to the angels that stand as sentinels. Only Mormon adults are allowed to participate in this ceremony. In fact, a vast majority of Mormons under the age of 18 have no clue what adults do in their temples. They’re told it’s “too sacred to talk about”. I’m not kidding.

In August, 2012 I posted the first hidden camera video of Mormon temple rituals online. It was a nearly six minute, poorly focused clip of the instructions that are given at the veil that I recorded with a well concealed iPhone in the Jordan River Temple in South Jordan, Utah. Four years and over 3.5 million views later, I thought I’d remake that original video with a significantly higher quality version. This time the hidden camera recording was done in the Phoenix Arizona Temple in June, 2016.

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6 Responses to Mormon Temple Hidden Camera FAQ: What happens after the prayer circle?

  1. Sunfire says:

    That is some wacky Wizard of Oz type stuff there.

  2. half moron says:

    The Mormons practice secretive freemason-like rituals, as their founder was one. Albeit a very sexed, polygamist (multiple-partnered) one, done with marriages in the same Temples. Most freemasons and Mormons have no idea what can happen at the 33rd degree, which is a totally different subject.

    The Mormons seem to be teaching that simple belief in Jesus is not quite enough to get to heaven, hence their extensive secret rituals, and fees required. Thus, it could possibly seem to some, like they believe in Christ, up to a point.

  3. Jim says:

    Freeky Deeky Masonic Crap !!

  4. NC says:

    Wizard of Oz meets the Freemason handgrip. Creepy indeed. The whole things a cult and the dumbass Sheeple don’t even know it.

  5. galen says:

    Latter Day Insanity.


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