Moscow on the Potomac – The Communists are Making their Move

If we take a look at every grab for power that has been made by the international insurgency just since the beginning of 2012, it cannot be denied that what we are seeing is an attempt at a legislative coup to be followed by martial law.

In 1989 the Berlin Wall came down and communism escaped its confines.  As the world celebrated the Fall of Communism, the international communists went to work.  The spread of communism into the United States was actually a simple matter.

The commies’ 5th column here maneuvered it’s members into the necessary positions, as teachers and administrators, for the purpose of brainwashing our children for the past thirty years in the doctrine that the United States is a democracy rather than the Republic it is. They removed all US history from our school text books and changed history class to social studies, introducing multi-culturalism in the process.

This being accomplished, the international soviet socialists/communist countries relabeled themselves as democracies.  Then through the multi-culturalism they moved more and more of their agents into our midst and no one objected because, hey they are people just like us from other democracies.

Next they constructed the most awesome propaganda machine to ever exist, complete with satellites and digital imaging.  Throw in an endless supply of drugs, alcohol, and the proper blend of chemicals in the drinking water, and the intense brainwashing was accomplished.

It was hard to comprehend the effect this strategy was having.  It was working so well in fact, that time tables were continually being pushed forward.  We are now seeing the final grab for power in the attempt for the capture of the United States.

Millions have woken up from the propaganda induced trance and now see the danger right before our eyes.  We are like a herd of deer standing on the road in the middle of the night with a vehicle bearing down.  Those who are not looking directly at the light will of course move out of the way.  But there is always one or two that just stare into the lights until they are killed.

We now have confirmed reports of reeducation camps that are going to use psychological warfare on all citizens considered to be an enemy to the American way of life to indoctrinate them to accept US policies and actions.  Military manual FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations.  

Russian paratroops are training in the United States to kill American citizens.

US military troops are showing up in our neighborhoods fully armed in violation of Posse Comitatus.

The Mexican Drug Cartels control our southern border, leaving it wide open for invasion as Premier Obama is holding international security meetings with the leaders of Canada and Mexico in Washington DC and all of South America at the meetings in Columbia.

750 million rounds of ammunition, hardened checkpoint booths, and radiation pills have been purchased by the insurgency.

Right now the structure is in place for a totalitarian communist dictatorship in the United States with a twelve member Supercommittee with Obama as Premier wielding absolute power.  All that is left is to enforce the will of the dictate upon our population.

The enemies of our Republic have come too far to turn back.  We must stand ready to take them to task.  When the fight begins, offer no quarter as I promise you, you will receive none.  They will attempt to slaughter us, man, woman, and child as the Republic is an idea and the only way to kill an idea is to kill its every memory.

We must destroy our opponents absolute and when we are finished, we must go around this planet and dig out their roots and destroy them likewise.  And when it is all done we will put new guards in place to make sure we never let things get this out of hand again.  A great sacrifice is required but it is a sacrifice we must make or acquiesce ourselves to genocide and slavery for our progeny.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Moscow on the Potomac – The Communists are Making their Move

  1. The main error with this article is:

    It is not the “communists” that are seeking total control,.. its the International Banksters thru such organsations as the World Bank, The IMF, The BIS (Bank of Internaitonal Settlements) and thru the Central Banks of Western Countries, which are in fact are all part of one and the same banking system,.. a product of the Rothchilds.

    The “Communist Revolution” was NOT a product of the masses, but was engineered and paid for by the few,.. mostly the Banksters and the Rockefellers in particular, also called,..”The Elite”.

    They are now planning total siezure of the globe thru the banking system via the computer/internet system.

    I repost a short essay on this very subject:



    [By: John Dignut – United States Marine – Combat Decorated – Last Revision: 12/15/11]

    The USA is now the largest POW Camp in human history!

    As for all us Americans being held prisoner,…it is FAR worse than that.

    When a person is held as a prisoner,…the jailer has some responsibility to our welfare.

    In the case of this, “Enemy Force In Occupation”, called the US Federal Gov’t,… it is their intent,… their design to exterminate us!

    Not all of us,… not all at once, as they don’t want the prisoners rioting and fighting back,.. God forbid the majority of dumbass Americans should actually wake up in time for their own execution,… no,… that would never do.

    – They will use people, to herd people.

    – They will use people, to control people.

    – They will use people, to suppress, beat, torture, and intimidate people.

    – They need people to fill the prisons (& FEMA Camps).

    – They need people to build the control grids, and other infrastructure of the Police-Terror-State.

    – They need the tax payers, mechanics, machinists, doctors, lawyers, laborers, farmers, and such.

    THEN,… after they have the chess board set up to their liking,… its time to reduce numbers!

    It will come in the form of a pathogen (Bio Weapon), most probably an influenza strain that has been modified/engineered to be particularly lethal to anyone that did not receive the antigen, and/or a nuclear type False-Flag.

    This leaves no “smok’n gun” of tyranny,… just cities full of rotting corpses to deal with.

    Of course, if people start to wake up, or start fighting back, these psychos might start WW3 just to “teach” us who is in control,… like they are threatening to do now!

    There is only one workable solution:

    Declare the IMF, World Bank, BIS (Bank of International Settlements), Federal Reserve Of The US, and ALL Central Banks Of Europe, and ESPECIALLY,.. the ROTHCHILDS as the GLOBAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION that they are!

    Declare the US Federal Gov’t For the Perfidious, Treasonous, and vile organization that it has become,… and outlaw/abolish it!

    Have our Home-Grown Traitors (Politicians/Bureaucrats/Judges) and ALL the International Banksters mentioned above, convicted and hung for Treason, War Crimes, and for Crimes Against Humanity!

    Seize ALL the assets of the these so called “Banks” and return them to their respective countries.

    Since the Rothschild’s hold nearly 1/2 of ALL the gold in the world, it will be seized and used to create a true Gold Backed Currency for all nations.

    Since the Rothschild’s are the most pernicious, thieving, lying, villainous bag of filth in human history, and have caused more deaths and wars than ALL other nations, groups and individuals combined, they will be the first to hang from the neck until dead,… ALL of the ROTHCHILDS!

    Issue a global decree that FORBIDS ANY COUNTRY from having a PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK under the pain of a War Crimes Tribunal and for committing Crimes Against Humanity,…again.

    Get RID of Private Central Banks, and the treacherous Rothschild’s,,… and you get rid of 90% of not just the USA’s, but entire the worlds problems,… OVERNIGHT!

    JD – US Marines – Calling for execution of the worlds biggest Terrorist Organizations – The US Federal Gov’t, THE CENTRAL BANKS and its CEO, the ROTHCHILDS!

    1. Who controls the international communist party? The international elite. They plan to make the United States a soviet socialist state in the one world order. The system that will be used to control and cull our enslaved population is COMMUNISM!

      1. Hi Henry,

        Please be carefu to not get caught in the useless paradigm of communism vs fascism vs capitalsim,.. etc.

        Thats the argument the propoganda ministers want you to waste your time on.

        Communism is technically the ownership of property and means of production by the “state”,.. that is not what we have here.

        What we have, is the assertion of Total Control thru corrupted gov’ts and a completely dysfunctional banking system.

        This corruption and ownership is not directed by the “state” but by single individuals we euphmistically call, “The Elite”.

        This is not communism is any form, it is merely the Dog & Pony to distract the masses from the real mechanism and individuals who are perpetrating the greatest crimes in human history.

        You want to resolve most mankinds current woes,.. openly identify the actual criminals orchestrating this entire collapse, who are people like the Rockefellers, the Duponts, The Mellons, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, The Bushes, etc, etc.

        Get rid of them,.. and the PRIVATE central banks,.. and the world instantly starts to become a better place.

        Until we openly identify these global criminals,.. and eliminate them with there systems of control, things WILL continue to get worse,.. to the point of total collapse and WWIII.

        This is the mechanism of control and solution. Anything else,.. will simply be wasting time and will be giving the “Elite” a free hand to complete their plans.

        JD – US Marines – Defenders Of The US Constitution

        1. JD,
          That was exactly the point of the article, in short, the labeling of the system. And as you admitted, there is a system, which I say was developed through implementation of the methods which were most effective in the systems known in our history as fascism, socialism, and communism. If you take these words away from me, how can I possibly reference difference events and various times in history?
          What we are seeing developing here is the system implemented by Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin, who called themselves first socialists, then soviet socialists, and finally communists.
          If you think we here at From the Trenches do not understand exactly who our enemies are, you obviously have not surfed our archives. I will make one thing clear, anyone in my country found to have been a member of the national socialists, soviet socialists, or communist party, after we have restored the Republic, is going to be tried as a traitor, and not just a traitor, but a traitor during a time of war.
          I will listen to no more of your slight of tongue in defense of communism.

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