Mother of escaped Walker County inmate arrested

ABC 33 40 – by Stephen Quinn

A Walker County mother was arrested this week and booked into the same jail a dozen inmates, including her son escaped from in a plot involving peanut butter.

Walker County Sheriff Jim Underwood confirmed to ABC 33/40 News that Melinda LeFan was arrested Thursday in connection to Brady Kilpatrick’s escape from jail. The exact details of her role were not immediately available. 

LeFan is not the first of Kilpatrick’s family members arrested for their roles in his escape. Kilpatrick, the last inmate to be recaptured, eluded authorities for more than 48 hours. He was captured Tuesday more than 750 miles away at a house in south Florida. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said Kirkpatrick admitted his sister and her fiancee drove him from Alabama to Florida in the hours after his escape. Both Kilpatrick’s sister, fiancee and a family friend were arrested at the house where he was recaptured.

Kilaptrick is expected to be extradited back to Walker County sometime next week.

5 thoughts on “Mother of escaped Walker County inmate arrested

  1. None of these people own any kind of weaponry. None at all?
    Apparently, the writer of this article, Stephen Quinn, can’t type for sh-t.
    The mighty Quinn has it spelled three different ways in one article. I think that earns him a gold medal in the Special Olympics of writing.
    “You makin fun of the Special Olympics, tc?”
    Nope. I’m making fun of Stephen Queers sh-tty spelling.
    Can’t blame him to much, I suppose. There was probably a communication breakdown between the cops and the journalists as to exactly how fictionalized names should be spelled. I’m sure it happens all the time in fake events and it seems to have happened in this fake event as well.
    As fake as this commercial.

    1. That name is Kirkpatrick….i don’t know why the hell they ain’t shooting…. Cowards I guess…

      1. What really strikes me as odd is that Kil/Kirk/Kilapatrick’s mother has a different last name. her last name is LeFan.
        Did she never get married?
        Or, did she get remarried?
        Or, is she even related to Kil/Kirk/Kilapatrick at all?
        The story also makes mention of sister, a fiancee and a family friend but their names aren’t mentioned.
        I’d dig into it further but I really don’t find this story very interesting.

  2. Why arnt they arresting the dumb Fck that let peanut butter fool him into letting them out

    Stupid like that is a public threat

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