Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Speech

Published on Feb 23, 2012 by Michael Kirkpatrick

James Stewart gives a passionate speech on the floor of the United States Congress condemning the corruption and greed that pervades the American political system.

8 thoughts on “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Speech

  1. Goddanmint.

    Ishop at sMiths aka Kroger mart.

    Eye gotta tell ya…

    It’s like going to a fkng zoo to watch the animals.

    Half the reason I go there is because I don’t want to pay that Hindu mother fkr 3 dollas for a Gatorade.

      1. Smiths…
        Who was that guy that started the Mormon church.

        I think his name was Joseph ..Smith.

        So I’m doing word play here.

        So don’t be offended.

        I’m going for the punchline.

        I don’t want you mad at me to like Angel.

        You ladies can get pretty rough.

        I guess…
        What I’m really trying to say is…

        I’d rather pay a Mormon 2.50 instead of three dollars to a Hindu for a Gatorade.

  2. Okay, I understand. A mind like your is a journey beyond and requires one to stretch. Ha!! Well, it was just that for me, this Jimmy Stewart moment is one of film’s best efforts. Nothing is perfect, but sometimes imperfection houses pearls. And I’m sentimental, so a gent up there talkin’ ’bout liberty and kindness is just about as close to sacred as it gets. Don’t worry, Flee, I’m a “clear communication nut” so will do whatever it takes to have things smooth out, hurt feelings an’ all. Feelings are easily dismissed by those that deem others “over emotional.” But feelings are gifts, little inner barometers that tell us when something is off. Glad we’re back on. And…



    1. Plz don’t get esoteric on me.
      But I can say.
      I love you.
      Your a female
      .. right.
      Ya just never know online anymore.
      Who ur talking to online.

      You could be a bot…
      Or A eye.

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