MSNBC Cans Only Cable TV Host Who Extensively Covered TPP

MSNBC – by Zaid Jilani

MSNBC announced on Thursday that “The Ed Schultz Show” would come to an end, to be replaced by a show hosted by political analyst Chuck Todd. Reportedly, two other programs, “The Cycle” and “The Alex Wagner Show,” will also be cut as part of other programming changes.

The loss of Schultz is particularly troubling because he has managed a television program that has been more attentive to issues focused on economic inequality, labor unions and the wider economy than perhaps any other cable television show.  

In particular, he covered the Trans-Pacific Partnership more often than the rest of the network’s programs combined, as Craig Harrington and Brian Powell, researchers with Media Matters documented:

[During an 18 month period] CNN and Fox News each mentioned the TPP during two broadcasts. MSNBC’s The Ed Show discussed the trade agreement on 71 broadcasts, but the TPP was mentioned on the network’s other evening programming only twice (once by host Ed Schultz during coverage of the president’s State of the Union speech and a passing mention by All In host Chris Hayes).

It has to be noted that Comcast, the company that owns MSNBC, is a big supporter of the TPP. Comcast hired a phalanx of lobbyists to spearhead a targeted campaign to push for Trade Promotion Authority, which recently passed. Included among the individuals it was paying was the former chief of staff for former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA).

Media Matters illustrated the coverage with the following graphic:


5 thoughts on “MSNBC Cans Only Cable TV Host Who Extensively Covered TPP

  1. Didn’t I read that MSNBC is down to a mere 25,000 viewers? (about 500 per state)

    No one watches that crap anymore because people are starting to understand that they’re full of shite, and the idiots just cancelled their only show that might come close to telling the truth about something.

    I think they really do believe that their lies will become reality if they just keep crushing the truth, but that’s catching up to them.

  2. For maximum effectiveness, t.v. ‘programming’ must be continuously ‘upgraded’ to filter out any grains of truth that may slip through.

    The truth, and guns are the communists/jews greatest enemies.

  3. With the understanding that Chris Matthews was fired for his anti-war views, Keith Olbermann for thrashing Sen. Lieberman, Rick Sanchez for taking issue with Jewish talking points, and now Ed Schultz for anti-TPP views, we can make the following conclusion:
    if you want to make a living in the MSM,
    1. Don’t disrespect a powerful Jew
    2. Don’t interfere with globalization
    3. Don’t contradict Jewish victimology
    4. Don’t get in the way of wars for Israel

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