MSNBC Portrays Trump’s Fist Pump To Putin As Crime

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Who even watches the political based news anymore? It is unreal to see how far left, the left has gone. It is hard to comprehend how people can actually believe the things I am hearing on the television. Yesterday, we were in a public place and a TV was right next to us, ol MSNBC was on…

They were talking about and showing video how President Trump signaled at a table to Putin and then pumped his fist in the air. Trump was trying to get Putin’s attention. 

The fist pump could have meant a million things.

Good thing MSNBC never saw me pump my fist, I might be in the pen by now!

The MSNBC hosts went to such great lengths to make it look like a dastardly act I almost lost my lunch.

The whole show was dedicated to bringing the President down and making him look bad.

Look, I don’t care for any politicians, they all have an agenda and rarely does that agenda include the American people. But the level of such hatred for a supposed “right leaning” President was hardly watchable.

Toward the end of the show, the co-host, some gal whose name was not worth remembering thanked the audience for sending in their support for illegal immigrants. She didn’t call them illegal, but that is what they are. She said it showed the respect for “humanity” people have. Indicating Trump had no humanity as the final subject was the border wall.

I could hardly stand to finish listening to this person.

They are trying to brainwash the American people into accepting illegal immigrant, as if it is the thing to do, as if that is helping them.

The mainstream media, I do not care what flavor you choice; “right” or “left” are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They themselves have been brainwashed so bad they can no longer see the light, only the dark cloud their head is immersed in.

It is the American people who need help.

Travel to any large city and you will find tent cities. That is a fact, I have seen it, time and time again with my own eyes.

Where is the humanity for these people who were born and raised here?

We cannot help everyone okay, we just cannot or our nation will become third world as well.

This is actually already taking hold anyway. Go to Los Angels, California and you tell me what nation you are in. You will think you are in Mexico. You drive by billboard after a billboard in Spanish. When you think you made a wrong turn and entered Mexico, those thoughts are reassured when you turn on the radio and find a large selection of Spanish stations.

You only realize you have not lost your mind when you read the Interstate freeway sign.

What a cesspool we live in today, we have allowed so much illegal immigration that some of our cities no longer reflect our American heritage, and that my friends shows a lack of humanity, and a lack of love and belief in the American way of life.

World Events and the Bible

2 thoughts on “MSNBC Portrays Trump’s Fist Pump To Putin As Crime

  1. …”and rarely does that agenda include the American people.” The bottom line of any corporation is to make money at the expense of the people. As this “govt.” is a corporation in the business of making money they do that which is in the interest of the profit margin, period.

  2. The left/right msm paradigm is the same illusion as the left/right occupying enemy govt.

    They are owned/operated by the same zio-joo commies.

    Chump makes himself look bad because the script calls for it. Divide/conquer.

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