11 thoughts on “Multi Nukes Set To Explode May 5th 2013?!? Martial Law?

  1. Okay. No sooner than March 28th has come and gone without L.A. being nuked, we have another nuke scare from another anonymous source, with all the predictable fear mongering involving FEMA coffins and camps.

    You have to wonder if there isn’t a private cold war going on that targets the readers of alternative news. Our adversaries are constantly walking on egg shells to avoid any large-scale reactions, because they simply do not have the manpower to control them. I don’t think we’ll ever see any nation-wide martial law scenarios unfolding because they’re not capable of enforcing that on an armed population.

    I think what they’re trying to do is keep people in fear, and make them look like idiots when they run around in a panic and warn their friends and family that we’re about to be nuked. These stories are the perfect tool to discredit alternative news, and everyone who reads it. Propaganda and pandemics are their only effective weapons against a population so large, and so heavily armed.

    I’ll believe this when the nuke explodes, and probably not before then.

  2. When attempts at gun control fail
    Nuclear options will prevail
    Cities burned from end to end
    Leave very little to defend

    Trade your guns for cash or weed
    Trade you guns for food or seed

        1. Thanks Digger, I’m trying very hard to exercise a little restraint. Aw hell, who am I fooling?
          V, You are a fooooking idiot!

          Now I feel better!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Whew! Sure am glad the nuke scheduled for yesterday here was apparently a dud.

    Probably made in China.

  4. Fooking idiot….absolute fool? Thanks.
    This thread is now outdated and unlikely to be revisited, but I want to respond anyway.
    I consider my original comment as prophetic. Sorry you missed it.
    I do not believe nor do I have any information that the “Multi nukes set to explode on May 5” is accurate.

    I DO believe that a nuclear weapon is missing from Minot AFB and that it is being held in reserve somewhere without accountability.
    I DO believe that American Patriots represent a considerable force of arms that would be improbable to overcome on the ground.
    I DO believe that the same government(s) that used depleted uranium on the populations of Iraq and Palestine are poised to continue that trend.
    I DO believe that legalization of cannabis at the federal level will hinge on the implementation of gun control/confiscation.
    I DO believe that weather patterns are disturbed and food production is waning.
    I DO believe that non-GMO seeds are the seeds that will feed future generations due to their reproducing and nutritional qualities.

    If my detractors get this far and decide to apologize for being a$$hole$, the apology is accepted.

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