8 thoughts on “Multi-Pistol 09 Toy Gun Commercial – VERY Politically Incorrect!

  1. Brainwashing at the end. “Multi-Pistol 09”, “Multi-Pistol 09”, “Multi-Pistol 09” so the kids can bug their parents.

    I had a cap gun when I was a kid. Sounds crazy, but I loved the smell of the smoke after the cap went off. LOL!

    They’re taking away all the fun toys!! That’s gotta make parents feel impotent, irresponsible and incompetent to raise their own children.
    . . .

    1. never had a gun (for me a boy thing) but I sure did like my secret decoder ring. We need those.

      1. Oh believe me I had my Barbie doll. I never bought her clothes because I used to sew all her clothes for her.
        . . .

    2. “Brainwashing at the end. “Multi-Pistol 09″, “Multi-Pistol 09″, “Multi-Pistol 09″ so the kids can bug their parents.”

      Hahahaha! I noticed that too, Cath.

  2. I remember those days:

    ME…ME…ME…I’m getting THAT!

    In retrospect, I think at that time (early to mid 1960’s?), TV advertising promoted kids playing war games for their preparation in future places like Vietnam. Fortunately, most of us woke-up to the reality of War before 1970.

    I was covert — I had “The Man from U.N.C.L.E”. brief case that shot REAL (plastic) bullets. It was soooo cool !

    1. Aw man! I wanted one of those but parents figured us 5 girls might fight over the set. So we all ended up with cap guns. 🙁
      . . .

  3. TERRORISTS!! Arrest these terrorists!!! Corrupting the minds of our young children with such lethal and violent tools. How dare they!

    Quick, someone shut the company down, ASAP!

    Bring it to the forefront of the next Congressional hearing and make sure to put it on the president’s desk!

    This anti-government act will not go unpunished! It’s a threat not only to our government, but our American way of life!

    We must close off all the schools, perform psychological evaluations and confiscate all of these guns. If these rebellious children don’t go quietly, we have the authority to shoot them on site.

    As long as these things are in our children’s hands, NO ONE will be safe!

    (So did I win this year’s “Communist propaganda award”? lol)

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