Multiple People Reportedly Shot at Lone Star College in Houston

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NBC DFW 5 – by Frank Heinz

The North Harris campus of Lone Star College near Houston is on lockdown and students are advised to shelter in place after a shooting has been reported on campus.

KPRC-TV in Houston reports multiple people were shot shortly after noon Tuesday at the campus located at 2700 W. W. Thorne Drive near Aldine Westfield Road west of Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Officials have not said how many victims there are or what the severity of their injuries may be. The Associated Press reports that multiple people are injured.

Constables told KPRC that one person has been detained, though they have not said if that person is the shooter. A search for a second person is under way, KPRC reports, and armed police officers can be seen searching the campus.

A perimeter has been established north of the campus, in the direction of a neighborhing subdivision where a second person was seen running.

Four nearby schools in the Aldine Independent School District have been placed on lockdown.

According to their website, the Lone Star College System is the largest institution of higher learning in Houston and is the fastest growing community college system in Texas.  The school has approximately 90,000 students spread over more than a dozen campuses.

2 thoughts on “Multiple People Reportedly Shot at Lone Star College in Houston

  1. Here we go again. MSM media glorifying the shooters to promote their gun control propaganda. How many times will this story be changed?

    A community college? Basically another way of saying a community high school shooting. If this was a university, it would be different. Funny how they always pick the small schools where they can manage the crowd and never the big ones.

    Do community colleges even have their own police like University and State colleges do? If not, there you go.

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