Multiple victims stabbed at Tallahassee industrial park before suspect is arrested

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At least five people have been hospitalized after an alleged mass stabbing incident at an industrial park in Florida.

Tallahassee police responded to reports of the stabbing at just after 8.30am local time on Wednesday.

Officers arrived at Dyke Industries Inc off Hartsfield Road and discovered multiple victims. 

Tallahassee police spokesman Damon Miller said a suspect is currently in custody, but did not provide any additional information about their identity.

Miller said multiple law enforcement agencies are on the ‘very big scene’ as investigators unravel the course of events and the motive behind the attack.

Local media reported that Dyke Industries employees chased the suspect to the parking lot of a neighboring Coca-Cola plant.

WVFT radio host Greg Tish tweeted that one employee struck the suspect in the face with a hammer.

Police have not said how many people were injured. Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare initially reported that it was treating six victims but later corrected the number to five.

‘One patient is in serious condition; two patients are in fair condition; and two patients are in good condition,’ hospital spokeswoman Danielle Buchanan told the Tallahassee Democrat.

Family members flocked to the scene and stood behind the police line. Some shared stories about what they believed occurred inside the industrial park.

Marquitta Campbell, whose husband Bobby Riggins Jr went to Dyke Industries for a job interview on Wednesday morning, told the Democrat that she was talking to him on the phone when he arrived at the park at 8.30am.

She said she heard a commotion and then told her he had been stabbed.

‘The next thing I know, he said: “Baby. I’ve been stabbed five times. I’ve been stabbed”,’ Campbell said.

Ellen Mospens, whose husband Dennis McMaster works at the business, told the Democrat that he wasn’t injured but had texted her about a ‘massive stabbing’ and asked her: ‘Come get me.’

Dyke Industries manufactures residential and commercial building materials at 15 locations in eight states and bills itself as ‘the largest online retailer of wood, steel and fiberglass exterior, interior, storm and patio doors and door products in the US’, according to its website.

Initial reports incorrectly stated that the stabbing took place at the Coca-Cola plant.

A spokeswoman for Coca-Cola UNITED said 150 employees work at the Tallahassee bottling site next to the Dyke distribution center, but that none of them were involved in the incident.

‘We are very grateful that all of our associates are safe,’ Linda Sewell said. ‘Our hearts break for those who are impacted by this tragedy.’

Investigators have asked anyone with information about the case to call (850) 891-4200 or Crime Stoppers at (850) 574-TIPS.

4 thoughts on “Multiple victims stabbed at Tallahassee industrial park before suspect is arrested

  1. I’m betting it was a full auto black military high capacity magazine clip assault knife with the chain saw bayonet that the 2nd amendment doesn’t even cover! Booo hissss my money says this occurred in a gun free zone! Fortunately it was not a hammer free zone as well! Good on that guy for nailing down the bad guy. You saw what I did there didn’t you.. oh well another thing to outlaw… Hammers! That’s right that was not good should wait for the police to drop their donut and come running to save you….ya right I know never happen

    1. These false flags always happen in Florida it seems, for the most part anyway. What next? Soon, their going to put time limits on when and where we will be able to go.

      1. Yes, it does seem like an awful lot of them have happened in Florida.

        “Police say he used a small, folding knife in the stabbing.”
        This guy used a pocket knife. Next, pocket knives will have to be registered, or banned.

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