It took about thirty years, but apparently Americans had finally grown tired of watching cop shows on TV. There were probably at least fifty different ones over the years, but in every one of them the top cop at any crime scene would always say “send it to the lab boys” whenever chemical evidence or suspected drugs were found, so the natural progression from cop shows would be to a show about the lab boys themselves, and this has resulted in a show called “CSI.”

If you were ever trapped in a motel for a month I’m sure you’ve seen it. Multi-million dollar immaculate laboratories, high-tech and stylish, staffed by beautiful, intelligent, and morally perfect civil servants, who rely on their superior intelligence and experienced professionalism to always catch the bad guy.  

I lived in Las Vegas for two years, and during that time I had the misfortune of learning that the police force there is little more than a gang of intellectual strugglers in bad uniforms. As it happens, there are no state or local taxes in Nevada, because the state constitution dictates that the casinos pay for all services. Naturally, a few well placed bribes insure that these services can be kept to a minimum, so the police don’t even pretend to be protecting the citizenry, and whenever there’s a fire, ten houses are lost before it’s extinguished. It would be difficult to convince me that the Las Vegas police department even has a crime lab at all, and in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there isn’t a microscope in the entire state of Nevada.

But that’s okay. We all understand that it’s just a television show, and “it’s only fiction,” but unfortunately, consciously knowing that its fiction doesn’t prevent it from affecting your perception of reality, and if the same lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth in the minds of the masses.

CSI is not a television show depicting modern crime fighting techniques, but instead the show itself is an example of modern crime fighting techniques. In this country, crime is battled with propaganda, and police are employed to beat the citizens into submission and squeeze as much money out of them as possible. The crimes they do solve are merely more show business to convince the public that they’re really worth all the money they cost.

Americans are subjected to an endless barrage of cop shows like CSI, Law & Order, COPS and dozens of others whose aim is to convince us that we’ll undoubtedly be caught and punished if we dare to disobey, and that cops serve some useful purpose in our society. It’s much like the Canadian Mounties claiming “we always get our man.” In reality they probably never came close to always getting their man, but if people didn’t believe that were the case, there would be a lot more men for them to try and get. That’s why we had bad cop shows on every channel for decades, and detective stories before TV was invented.

The one common denominator in every cop show is that the criminal is always caught before the end of the show, and since “COPS” is listed as “reality TV”, and no criminal ever escapes on that show either, I became curious as to just how unrealistic it was. I set out to compare the number of murders in NYC to the number of murder convictions in NYC, and although the number of murders was easy enough to find, the number of murder convictions seems to be a heavily guarded secret. The same is true for the FBI’s “uniform crime reports” regarding murders nation-wide.

There are no shortage of charts and graphs detailing every conceivable murder statistic, and charts that compare those charts to different charts, but anywhere you dig, it seems that everyone is reluctant to publish the number of murders, and the number of murder convictions in any one place so they might be compared.

After considerable digging I still couldn’t find the hard numbers I was looking for, but in a study conducted by the Department of Justice I was able to find a comparison of American and British conviction rates, which if it is to be believed, would have to suffice to satisfy my curiosity:

In both countries, persons committing a crime are unlikely to be caught and convicted. The major exception is murder. 

According to latest statistics, the likelihood of conviction was about —

50% for murder in both countries
20% for rape in the United States and 10% in England
2% for robbery in the United States and less than 1% in England
2% for assault in the United States and 1% in England
1% for burglary in the United States and less than 1% in England
2% for motor vehicle theft in the United States and 1% in England.

As I suspected, the Mounties don’t always get their man, and in fact, I think the reason we have so many “repeat offenders” in our society is that these people have learned through experience that they’re usually going to get away with their crimes. The rest of us are scared away from ever being criminals by TV shows rather than any first-hand experience with crime or the criminal justice system.

It’s also true that most people simply don’t want to be criminals. After all, certain acts are considered crimes in any society because most of the people within that society object to the behavior, but how many laws exist to restrict behavior that most of society is indifferent to? How much money do we spend on police departments and a criminal justice system that’s so incompetent that 98% of robbers and 99% of burglars go free?

And what are we to think of the old adage that says “you can’t get away with murder”? In more than 90% of all murders, the victim knows his attacker, and he still gets away with it half the time.

These numbers make me suspect that murderers usually get caught in crimes of passion, where little or no thought is put into the act, and a large percentage of murderers who carefully plan out what they’re going to do are likely to escape any form of justice.

Maybe that’s why we’ve heard a life-time of detective stories in which Sherlock, Colombo, and a dozen other wizards of crime solution are successful at out-witting the thoughtful and intelligent murderer. The stories may have to exist because in reality it doesn’t happen.

Maybe the stories were published because publishers are wealthy, and therefore have a personal interest in inducing people to obey the law. The usual formula involves intelligent and clever criminals being out-smarted by an even more intelligent detective, so naturally, the intended lesson is that an idiot like you shouldn’t even consider committing a crime.

If we look at the serial killers who’ve been caught (and I believe that most of them are never caught*), we see that they’ve usually killed ten or twenty people, and sometimes leave a trail of body parts in their wake before anyone figures out who they are, so how does that cute girl on CSI catch the one-time killer who only leaves behind a strand of hair?

And what about this Snowden character of questionable motives? Isn’t it very possible that the entire cat and mouse charade is just another CSI episode designed to convince you to be politically silent? Just look at how his revelations, which are nothing new to most if us, have been promoted by the Zionist media.

Snowden’s function is to silence dissent, in the same way CSI fights crime. Just as the CSI girl always catches the killer in an effort to convince you not to murder people, the Snowden fiasco exists in the news to convince you that you shouldn’t criticize our government, because they’re listening to every word. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter if they’re listening to every word, because too many people are saying the same thing. They’ll make a headline out of a presidential death threat arriving in the mail, but never tell you there’s a mail truck full of them that they don’t want you to know about. They’ll tell you all about the bad cops who shoot innocent people, but they’ll never tell you about all the people who shoot back.

You should know by now that every product of the Zionist media, whether it be news or entertainment, is propaganda designed to influence your behavior, and much of the alternative news is reporting on the Zionist news. With these facts in mind, you should consider that there’s more difficulty in discerning the truth than even most “awakened” people will ever know. And since so many people are getting away with murder despite the best efforts of the CSI girl, who’s on your kill list?
— Jolly Roger

“An honorable murderer, if you will; For naught I did in hate, but all in honor.”
— William Shakespear

*There were officially only 12,664 murders in 2011, but 678,860 “missing persons.” How many of them can we assume to have been murdered? 

13 thoughts on “Murder

  1. I never watched even one of them. I had no interest at all. When I did watch tv which wasn’t often I would choose cooking shows, the outer limits, good movies, and my favorite Warner Brother cartoons, I never got tired of them.
    TV sucks and the news not worth the time on any network.

  2. The police are a revenue force with discretion. There friends don’t get tickets. You can drive and set in most if not any neighborhood and see who there friends are. As they are the ones who get away with special treatment that is illegal. And they only arrest criminals who mess with people who contribute to there good buddy fund. It is not that they don’t know who the criminal is. They just don’t arrest them if nothing is in it for them. And they harass those who will not support them in such. So for about 75% of us we would in truth be ahead with out them. The biggest complaint you hear today is the bad citizen has a in with the police and gets away with being the neighborhood bully. While all the people on there block is forced to suffer the bad citizen. As they know who to pay in the police. Or do favors for.

  3. I applaud J.R. for the well written article.
    His thoughtful examination of what could very well
    become a shocking revelation, as to the real push
    behind most so called, “Reality” television shows.
    Propaganda comes in many forms, and as such,
    J.R.’s suspicions are probably more accurate than
    we realize. What better way to “program” the
    masses than with a little entertainment, and truth,
    peppered with the desires of the controlling elite.
    Most of us who really enjoy a good mystery, such as
    Masterpiece Mystery for example, which show cases
    the classic detectives. Are folks who relish a kinetic
    crossword puzzle. Placing the clues in alignment, so
    the answer is spelled out revealing the answer.
    Now take the, “Reality” crime show. It show cases
    really dumb people, and so called, “law enforcement”
    in all their glory. Those who view such “Dribble” are
    never aware of the insidious intentions of the
    broad cast it’s self.
    Which is as J.R.’s theory suggests,
    “Don’t Try This At Home, You Will Get Caught.”
    Yes friends, one must always be on guard, if one has
    to view “Reality” episodes. But better still, don’t watch
    it at all. If one MUST be entertained, learn to read…….

    1. Thanks, Paraclete, and you’re right. The real entertainment is in books. Whenever the computer breaks down I go through a dozen of them.

    2. Good deduction. Nearly all current Television programming is some form propaganda. The trouble I’ve noted is that it is hard to find people whose reading level is above 2nd grade level. In a past life, I developed training curriculum & wrote military tech manuals for the Armed Forces. All curriculum & manuals had to be geared to the 5th grade reading level at that time. Student reading & comprehension were so bad at that time, we had to implement remedial reading classes just so the military students could complete basic military courses. I can imagine that those standards have been dropped lower to accommodate an even more illiterate public education system of today.

      With that in mind, one can easily see that a propaganda tool like Television can & has brainwashed most of the public into a dullard compliant existence.

      1. My wife is a Law & Order…CSI…NCIS…tv-program type lover….and she has them on the tv 21/7….I cannot stand them…the propaganda is so much BS that I want to vomit every time I get to the Medal of Valor crap.. or the crime scene, “we’ll get you in the last three minutes of the show”…malarkey…


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

          1. …hey…I know….but my wife never had TV till she met me…and now I not only have it….I pay for it!….and with my background, she really doesn’t want to hear about the corrupt government….good 🙂



  4. Almost without exception in the CSI shows, if the person whom the CSIs are investigating demands a warrant, he is later in the show the culprit.
    Now those who willingly allow our CSIs in, more often are innocent. This is training to get the sheeple to always comply with “authority.”

  5. Very good article, JR.

    However, I have one comment to make. You say, “Snowden’s function is to silence dissent”. If it is, the U.S. Government is sure doing a piss poor job of it. Especially when Snowden advertised to the whole world that he was down the street from the U.S. Embassy in Hong Kong and the CIA still did nothing or couldn’t find him. I’d like to believe they did nothing because they need him as a double agent.

    Anyways, his function is not working because more people are speaking out after it. The government using the MSM media likes to show that they are in control, when in actuality they can’t even find, capture and/or control one person.

  6. Excellent assessment, JR. TV is the most insidious form of propaganda ever devised. I would equate it with Monsanto, which destroys the body, while tv destroys the mind. Indisputably the main reason for the blindness to the truth in this country these days, imo. And it’s only gotten worse, thanks to digital technology. 1984. Telescreens. The watchers have become the watched. My opinion, anyway.

    Good article.

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