Murderous Colombian Drug Cartel’s Founding Father Dies

Colombian Armed Forces Kill Pablo EscobarShark Tank – by JAVIER MANJARRES

One of the last remaining, and original ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ has died as result of a heart attack in Medellin, Colombia.  Juan David Ochoa, who along side his two brothers and Pablo Escobar, were the ‘founding fathers’ of the Medellin Drug Cartel.

The Ochoa brothers surrendered to Colombian authorities, giving up their drug trade in the early 1990′s. While the Ochoa’s were supposedly out of the drug racket, Escobar started a murderous war against the government, which ended in his own death at the hands of government officials years later.    

These days, while the Medellin and Cali Cartels are long gone, paramilitary organizations like the FARC have picked up where the famed cartels left off. The Envigado cartel, started by Pablo Escobar before his death, is now considered Colombia’s “most potent” drug organization.

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