9 thoughts on “My back yard

  1. Beautiful. People do not realize what hides in the desert. There are places in Oregon that look just like this. Hundreds of square miles.

  2. Trouble remembering where you live, state even.

    Yes, looks like much of the West, could be darn near anywhere in N (populated areas aside).

  3. I’m not lucky…
    It is a burden upon my spirit and soul.
    I have more than I need.
    I used to have everything you have now.
    Just give a hug and kiss to the things and people you love.

    For me.

    That’s Christ conscienceness.

    I’m one of the few survivors of 2008.

    1. You school the sages of all ages by giving us such a beautiful and tangible definition of Christ Consciousness. Many sure do make it more complicated than it need be. Perhaps we’re not as far from it as we might think. Thanks for my Theology 101 lesson today. It really gave me a good feeling.

  4. Nice pics, Flee. What I wouldn’t give to just be out in the middle of nowhere.

    Today, after a rough day at work, I come and find a notice from my Nazi Homeowners Association telling me that my grass was too high and it is not “Code Compliance”. WTF?? I wish I had their job to go around and tell people whether their grass is too high or not. As if that’s the most important thing in my life right now is to cut my friggin’ grass.

    At least you don’t have to deal with that shit. No one around you and you can shout and scream and be free in that sense. That’s more freedom than I have here at the moment. You’re a lucky man, my friend.

  5. Ohhhhhhh Brother Flee …

    You’re Out There all alone in the Stinkin’ Desert as I was for so many years south of Vegas so I well know what you want to get a Whiff of …

    Love you Brother;~)))

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